Monday, August 16, 2010

New Favorite Song

So today we went out to a Christian Bookstore to find out if they stocked a book dear to my heart (they didn't. They only stock "Christian Publishers") and I found some reduced price CD's!!!!

Barlow Girl is not my normal taste, but this song is really interesting:

Sunday, August 15, 2010

YES, this blog is dying

I have moved on in the real world as well as in the blogging world.

I have left home and am now making my way in the big, scary world outside of home.
I may get on here and post updates. It depends.

I am enjoying new opportunities and learning things that I never knew before. Learning what NOT to say and do (at least they forgive me when I said something really bad, but they won't tell me what I just said because they are laughing so hard)

The worst part about not knowing these things is that everyone assumes you do. Like being an MK all over again. You look like you "fit in" but inside you don't, and people are shocked when you don't. I have to repeat my story to people about once a day because they forget. I am an independent 20 year old, why wouldn't I know what x-type of drink was....

Live and learn, they say. I guess I have not lived yet, because I am woefully short on the knowledge....