Saturday, December 30, 2006

Interesting Thought

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."-- President John Adams, Oct. 11, 1798

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Its funny how attached to stuff you are. Stuff makes memories, and stuff keeps them. Stuff brings flashbacks of good old times, and stuff makes them seem farther away. Stuff is dear, and stuff is hateful.....I can't imagine parting with it, yet I've lived for so long wothout it!

Today.....actually tonight we got all our stuff completely released from the hassle of customs and regulations.

These are interesting photos from tonight's unpacking-

I got my little Sparky Puppy from when I was 6. It used to cry when you patted it's head, but the batteries messed up, and the connection is all broken.

I also got all my seminar and Bible Study papers, and all the books I borrowed from Daddy's office. This one I kept, and read over and over again. This is also one of the verses that haunts me when I find myself getting happy being stagnant.

Then there are the silly stuff like an ornamental plate from India, and

curtains from my older sister's room-

And this is what happens when you run down the steps, and fall against a shoe-rack!

We also have guests.....

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Existentialism 2

One result I noted in my last article mentioned "Neo-Marxism", or "the new gospel".

I recently found a good example. I was reading a children's story book to my little sister called "Jesus is born" by my Bible stories. It gives a rather comprehensive, 3rd grade explanation of the birth of our savior, and of the events during and following (Herod's decree, the wise men, the flight to Egypt).

It also includes other segments of Jesus' life such as the trip to Jerusalem when He was 12, His baptism by John, the calling of the disciples, the wedding at Cana, and the "Sermon on the Mount". At the Cana wedding there is no mention of Jesus' rebuke to Mary for "ordering Him around" In the picture she stands in the background looking on proudly as the servant pours water into a jug with surprise.

In the "sermon on the Mount" portion, Jesus is told to have been "heal(ing) the sick and look(ing) after people who were poor and needy". For the actual sermon part the book tells children "(Jesus) wanted to tell (the people) about God's kingdom. 'The sick, the poor and the hungry will be happy in heaven,' He told them. 'But those who only care about getting rich on earth will never go to heaven.'
Jesus told the people not to be selfish and to care for eachother. To look after the sick and the poor. To share what they had with others. The people listened to Jesus. They went away nd tole even more people about the things that Jesus taught them."

I think this is a prime example of how deception sneaks into one's home. I have seen that book around, and maybe I even heard my little sister read it to herself without conciously seeing how it twisted the salvation gospel into a condemnation of "the rich" or prosperous.

It is sad...

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Missed stanza

At the topmost branch
Sit the best apple stock
The brilliance of A. A. Milne
A blood encrusted sock

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

MK Get-together

*Yawn* Oh my goodness-
Is it 4:00 already?
Everything is fuzzy,
My head just feels so heavy…

Laughing till you drop
Oh! Will the jokes never stop!
Blondes, men and mermaids…
How do you kill a mop?

Popcorn-in-the-cup duels
Ice down your back-
Deep turqoise seas-
What more do we lack?

Getting lost in the city
Singing your heart out
Dancing to numa in the backseat
The spare and the stout.

A foot laceration
Pictured Daza or Housa?
A moment of silence
An ode for dear Anna

A wallet a charger,
What have I lost now?
Pictures galore-
Phil Keggy takes a bow.

Adorable little admirers
Brownies, motors, and more!
Splitting wood, raking leaves-
Ah, what fun galore!!!

Do you like my music?
Can you play hearts?
Requirements for marriage?
Can you sing in parts?

Shall we pray for meals?
A ferocious pillow fight-
Firstborn or later kid?
Talking, debating away the night

The Westminster Confession-
Christmas or no?
Skipping away to see The Wizard-
Is it cold enough to snow?

Pitpit or amaccan?
Pronunciation is the key!!
Peanut butter specials
Are great, if you ask me.

Mucking out horse stalls
Opening doors for girls-
Casting Crowns, or Jars of Clay?
Liquid ‘brown’ eyes and smooth curls.

Walking, walking around the block
Seeing Christmas lights and more-
Falling, tripping, pinchy skates,
Ice skating has made me so sore!!!!

Seeing people for the first time
Me didn’t play Mafia, but even so
I loved my MK gathering-
I just wanted you to know.

(a)I tried to get all my favorite mamories in, and get everyone laughing and have a special line or two for each person. If you have something else I forgot comment and I'll work in more stanzas.
(b) I finally got in Penut Butter...I was having such trouble, until I fell asleep. I woke up at 7 AM and a vwhole verse came to me. I memorised it, and fell back to sleep.
(c) this is not entirely my own *ehem* older sister had very much to do with the current layout, at least 4 extra stanzas, and some revision of words.
(d) anything else I forgot to mention----
(e) comment, comment, comment!! (I want to know what you guys think!)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I’ve been dreaming dreams of a heavenly place
‘Cause this world is not my home.
So I’m travlin’ light on my journey here
Makin’ plans for the day I go.

So if this is the last time,
We have down here together
I promise you,
I’ll see you in forever!!

Godspeed, bon voiyage,
Until we meet again.
Farewell, go with God,
I’ll see you soon, my friend
If I go before you do, or
You’re the first to fly…
Farewell, adios, for now-

There may be some tears when we’ve said "so long"
But our parting will be sweet!
‘Cause my heart is sure that the time will come
I will meet you on Golden Street.

So let’s make some memories
To tresure for a lifetime
And love eachother like
It’s the last time!

The words of this song came to me last night. I think it is really a good song because it captures so well the MK thing with saying goodbye. It is also really sad, and in the end they add more languages.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A night with EMTs

My eldest sister is studying to be an EMT, and she took me with her tonight to be the practice patient, and to show me off to her classmates.(I am entirely kidding about that last point)

We came in and sat down, and everyone made jokes, cursed, and talked about a hundred different things.

When class officially started, I was taken into the testing room, and brifed about what I would endure, and what I would be/say.

Every person did things differently, and every person forgot different things. Some grabbed your hand, some sqeezed your pulse, a couple failed and they almost all caught the oxygen mask on my glasses.. >(
I saw everyone else doing 'EMT stuff' and have now become a qualified EMT examiner (not). I was everywhere from 37 to 20 with names like Melissa and Jane (which I often forgot). I had a bee-sting, and they were sopposed to ask me about what was my problem, if I hurt, where, what I last ate (anything from ice cream & soda to roast beef), if the oxygen helped, what meds I was taking, past med. history, and etc.

Being shot with an epi-pen hurts, and so does double blood-pressure taking when it is to low on your arm. Multiple surveys of my chracter were undertaken.(I 'clam up' when other people come around....I'm more talkative that my sis....I'm a good actress, and a very novice (read: unhelpful) emergency patient) And some other things like taking blurry group shots, and making everyone sit as far away from me as possible...(was that really me, or was it my Guinea Pig status?).

In was interesting....and tireing.....and memorable.....and I think I'd be interesting to be an EMT.......

Homeless Outreach:

Saturday, December 2, 2006 I went along with a friend, her brother, and a handful of others from her church to distribute donated food, clothes, and blankets and compaasion to the homeless of inner Philly. My dad took me to the church around 2:40 P.M. and he then talked with the leader until 3:10….making us late.

We piled into two cars and got to our destination around 6:30 in time for some rush-hour jams. We ate at the New Delhi restaurant which is an Indian Buffet. I found that I don’t like buttered rice at all, though I suffered through it for some deliciously spicy, watery red stuff that REALLY needed some rice.(the only food I forgot the name of) I liked the Lamb and spinach that they had, and the lentils. I avoided the American’s defaults of a salad bar, small battered & fried chicken legs, and round, flat bread. Dessert was encluded in the meal, so I tried Indian Rice Pudding instead of trying cheesecake, vanilla ice cream, or coffe. (yuck!)

Joetta (the lady we were going to work with who had run a shelter for some years) shared her testimony, and talked about the people we were going to see/minister to. We walked out into the 40 degree city, and had a time of group prayer before getting into the vans and splitting into teams. I was on the socialization/prayer team. We wandered around looking for someone Joetta knew, and saw people making a movie under one of Philly’s neumerous bridges. We finally found the people against the back of a huge building behind a ‘park’ of sorts that bordered a street with four rows of flags.(from all nations...I blew kisses to the RP) We gave out blankets and coats to people who were huddled under layers and layers of comforters shivering. It was a hard contrast. One man was amazed as we gave him a coat with a silk lining, and a ‘brand new’ bright blue parka. He was so shocked, that he kept on saying "Oh, that’s-that’s so nice…that is just beautiful."

He had dislocated his shoulder recently, and couldn’t do as much as he used to do. It was also very painful since this was the third time he had hurt it. It never really healed because he took of the sling sooner than should be because he needed his other hand. We also gave him water, socks, jeans, some warm gloves, and hats. He reminiced growing up in TX with Mr. James.

We moved on, after searching for another aquaintence of Ms. Joetta’s and came to a lovely, pillared stone building with scrolls, and porches, and big columns. In the park across the street, the benches were filled with shivering people. Mr. James (my group leader), his wife, son, and I got to know Jerry who didn’t want to come out of her pile of blankets because of the cold. She was a ‘mother-hen’ type of person who introduced us to all the others around (her adopted family). We gave her a bright pair of red gloves (her favorite color), and she popped out from her blankets, and put them on just to feel them. They had Black stripes, and she exclaimed over & over about how well they would match her black parka. She showed me how she arranged her blankets to get warm on the bench, and where the toe-warmers went. We gave her two other pairs of knit gloves, a black hat, and two things of lotion.(one for them, one for them to give away and bless someone else) Mr. James and his wife had been talking to her adopted brother in the meantime, who knew a lot about things. He talked about a volcano in Yellowstone Park called Caldera that would soon errupt due to global warming, and the pollution of car-emmisions. "Then," he said, "we are going to have a new world order" b/c this one volcano would wipe out all of America, most of Canada, Mexico and Central America with pyroclastic flow and ash fallout.(I studied volcanos in a unit study with my two older siblings, and mom when I was younger. The conclusion of our learning was a vacation and climb of the volcano Hibok-hibok which had errupted earlier in the 1930’s.) He said that it was the world’s largest volcano. I said it was interesting that I had NEVER heard about it…even with my unit study experience.

Mr. James’ daughter wanted a picture, so Jerry and her gang primped, and styled (seriously!! It was funny to see them arranging their hats and smoothing their coats) and smiled pretty. It was them around 9:30, and getting even colder. I had on a turtleneck sweater, and a jacket (I’ve lost two pairs of gloves so far this winter, so I didn’t have any), and I was COLD. Our team leader had to drag us away (really, he told us 3 times, and we dwadled until he made us go), and we were back on the good old turn-pike by 10.

My friend rode in the other car, so her brother and I talked half-way back.(Or rather, I thought of things to ask him, and he murmered two-sentence answers. *sigh*-melencholies) We stopped for gas and coffe at Starbucks half-way there, and I stayed in the warm car. The rest of the way, the teens in the back seat calmed down, and a general sleepiness fell on everyone. We got to ‘Micsbug’ around midnight, and got out of the car only to rush back in. The car had to go home, so we got out and within a minute we were physically shivering, and our teeth were chattering so badly that we couldn’t hardly talk. I don’t know how cold it was but it was aweful!! We took refuge in my friend’s car until my dad came to pick me up. I sat by the wood-stove until I had thawed out only to return to my 45 degree bedroom to huddle under blankets with a thankful prayer the the wind coming under my closed and locked window was NOT as cold as outside and a gratefulness that I wasn’t outside exposed to it.

I liked my time out, and the gratefulness that lined Jerry’s face as she hugged ‘everyone’ goodbye was bright. As our team leader put it….we groups of people are known ‘the ones who come to listen’ to them. It was understandable, since I as an MK understand no one caring enough to listen. How much more so when you are veiwed as less than human because you don’t have a roof and four walls with a door to call your own…..

Saturday, December 02, 2006

All the labors of my hands

All the labors of my hands
Could not meet thy laws demands!
Could my tears forever flow,
Could my zeal my respite know...

All for sin could not atone.
Thou must save, and thou alone.

While I draw this fleeting breath
When my eyes shall close in death,
When I soar to worlds unkown
See thee on thy judgement throne-

Rock of ages cleft for me-
Let me hide myself,
Let me hide myself-
Let me hide myself in thee.

(as sung by GLAD)