Thursday, December 28, 2006


Its funny how attached to stuff you are. Stuff makes memories, and stuff keeps them. Stuff brings flashbacks of good old times, and stuff makes them seem farther away. Stuff is dear, and stuff is hateful.....I can't imagine parting with it, yet I've lived for so long wothout it!

Today.....actually tonight we got all our stuff completely released from the hassle of customs and regulations.

These are interesting photos from tonight's unpacking-

I got my little Sparky Puppy from when I was 6. It used to cry when you patted it's head, but the batteries messed up, and the connection is all broken.

I also got all my seminar and Bible Study papers, and all the books I borrowed from Daddy's office. This one I kept, and read over and over again. This is also one of the verses that haunts me when I find myself getting happy being stagnant.

Then there are the silly stuff like an ornamental plate from India, and

curtains from my older sister's room-

And this is what happens when you run down the steps, and fall against a shoe-rack!

We also have guests.....


Rachel said...

ouch! whose ear is that?

Warbler said...


Anonymous said...

Oh! My poor Caleb! *tears* *warm soothing voice* Iz it feewing bettew now? I wish I couwd give you a hug and make the owwie go away...
To be serious... stuff is nice, Jenni, I agree. Especially when it's pieces of a life left behind and sorely missed.