Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I’ve been dreaming dreams of a heavenly place
‘Cause this world is not my home.
So I’m travlin’ light on my journey here
Makin’ plans for the day I go.

So if this is the last time,
We have down here together
I promise you,
I’ll see you in forever!!

Godspeed, bon voiyage,
Until we meet again.
Farewell, go with God,
I’ll see you soon, my friend
If I go before you do, or
You’re the first to fly…
Farewell, adios, for now-

There may be some tears when we’ve said "so long"
But our parting will be sweet!
‘Cause my heart is sure that the time will come
I will meet you on Golden Street.

So let’s make some memories
To tresure for a lifetime
And love eachother like
It’s the last time!

The words of this song came to me last night. I think it is really a good song because it captures so well the MK thing with saying goodbye. It is also really sad, and in the end they add more languages.

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