Wednesday, December 20, 2006

MK Get-together

*Yawn* Oh my goodness-
Is it 4:00 already?
Everything is fuzzy,
My head just feels so heavy…

Laughing till you drop
Oh! Will the jokes never stop!
Blondes, men and mermaids…
How do you kill a mop?

Popcorn-in-the-cup duels
Ice down your back-
Deep turqoise seas-
What more do we lack?

Getting lost in the city
Singing your heart out
Dancing to numa in the backseat
The spare and the stout.

A foot laceration
Pictured Daza or Housa?
A moment of silence
An ode for dear Anna

A wallet a charger,
What have I lost now?
Pictures galore-
Phil Keggy takes a bow.

Adorable little admirers
Brownies, motors, and more!
Splitting wood, raking leaves-
Ah, what fun galore!!!

Do you like my music?
Can you play hearts?
Requirements for marriage?
Can you sing in parts?

Shall we pray for meals?
A ferocious pillow fight-
Firstborn or later kid?
Talking, debating away the night

The Westminster Confession-
Christmas or no?
Skipping away to see The Wizard-
Is it cold enough to snow?

Pitpit or amaccan?
Pronunciation is the key!!
Peanut butter specials
Are great, if you ask me.

Mucking out horse stalls
Opening doors for girls-
Casting Crowns, or Jars of Clay?
Liquid ‘brown’ eyes and smooth curls.

Walking, walking around the block
Seeing Christmas lights and more-
Falling, tripping, pinchy skates,
Ice skating has made me so sore!!!!

Seeing people for the first time
Me didn’t play Mafia, but even so
I loved my MK gathering-
I just wanted you to know.

(a)I tried to get all my favorite mamories in, and get everyone laughing and have a special line or two for each person. If you have something else I forgot comment and I'll work in more stanzas.
(b) I finally got in Penut Butter...I was having such trouble, until I fell asleep. I woke up at 7 AM and a vwhole verse came to me. I memorised it, and fell back to sleep.
(c) this is not entirely my own *ehem* older sister had very much to do with the current layout, at least 4 extra stanzas, and some revision of words.
(d) anything else I forgot to mention----
(e) comment, comment, comment!! (I want to know what you guys think!)


Anonymous said...

I LIKE IT!!!! but you knew that already... :) :) :) there are so many inside jokes and laughs in it. just classic!

C'est moi! said...

Well written :) I like it!

Rachel said...

there are so many things I don't get :(. I really missed a lot those days when the Walters were with y'all. I like that you worked in opening doors for girls. was there ever actually a discussion about it or was it something you just noticed? I was very impressed with wings' and milz' breeding :D. and I like Daza v. Hausa--wings: "he's DAZA! for GOODNESS' SAKE!"

Rachel said...

and I have an issue with line one of stanza 5--we never determined if it was a laceration or a puncture. plus, you've gotta say something about the blood-encrusted sock.

Anonymous said...

lovely, lovely! :):)

Anonymous said...

I like it. I'm laughing! Ohhh... can you believe we actually did so much in so little time?

Anonymous said...

the newly-certified EMT decided it was a laceration!!! so there. :p

oh, and all the blood came out when i washed the sock, so now it just has a little hole in it. :) the skate on the other hand... :(

Warbler said...

No specific talk about opening doors, but the boys did do very well!! I just thought that thier hard work should be mentioned.

I thought that I had enough about the ice skating...and I also missed getting in something about 'super high-quality' but it wouldn't rhyme very well....>(

Anonymous said...

opening doors is not such hard work though :)

hehe, I would have liked to been there when I imagine Dan was using the term "super-high-quality" :D

Rachel said...

don't make fun of him. it was a great story. though you could have worked "top of the apple tree" in ;)

Anonymous said...

where do all my comments go!? I thought for sure Id posted a comment just a couple of hours ago here...

it IS a great story, thats precisely why I would have liked to be there, not to make fun of him

Daniel said...

very good... so many inside bits, we'll be the only ones who will ever think so. But it's a great summary of a terribly sweet time.

Josiah K. Walters said...

Very good.

Wingman said...

ok, now all my comments have been posted as anonymous...

the "lovely, lovely! :):)" was mine, as was the "opening doors is not..." and the "where do all my comments go!? I thought..." one. hm...

Warbler said...

It is the awful new version of blogger, Mr. Walters senior