Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Existentialism 2

One result I noted in my last article mentioned "Neo-Marxism", or "the new gospel".

I recently found a good example. I was reading a children's story book to my little sister called "Jesus is born" by my Bible stories. It gives a rather comprehensive, 3rd grade explanation of the birth of our savior, and of the events during and following (Herod's decree, the wise men, the flight to Egypt).

It also includes other segments of Jesus' life such as the trip to Jerusalem when He was 12, His baptism by John, the calling of the disciples, the wedding at Cana, and the "Sermon on the Mount". At the Cana wedding there is no mention of Jesus' rebuke to Mary for "ordering Him around" In the picture she stands in the background looking on proudly as the servant pours water into a jug with surprise.

In the "sermon on the Mount" portion, Jesus is told to have been "heal(ing) the sick and look(ing) after people who were poor and needy". For the actual sermon part the book tells children "(Jesus) wanted to tell (the people) about God's kingdom. 'The sick, the poor and the hungry will be happy in heaven,' He told them. 'But those who only care about getting rich on earth will never go to heaven.'
Jesus told the people not to be selfish and to care for eachother. To look after the sick and the poor. To share what they had with others. The people listened to Jesus. They went away nd tole even more people about the things that Jesus taught them."

I think this is a prime example of how deception sneaks into one's home. I have seen that book around, and maybe I even heard my little sister read it to herself without conciously seeing how it twisted the salvation gospel into a condemnation of "the rich" or prosperous.

It is sad...

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Anonymous said...

Good point, and one that needs to be made. Thank you, Jenni.