Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A night with EMTs

My eldest sister is studying to be an EMT, and she took me with her tonight to be the practice patient, and to show me off to her classmates.(I am entirely kidding about that last point)

We came in and sat down, and everyone made jokes, cursed, and talked about a hundred different things.

When class officially started, I was taken into the testing room, and brifed about what I would endure, and what I would be/say.

Every person did things differently, and every person forgot different things. Some grabbed your hand, some sqeezed your pulse, a couple failed and they almost all caught the oxygen mask on my glasses.. >(
I saw everyone else doing 'EMT stuff' and have now become a qualified EMT examiner (not). I was everywhere from 37 to 20 with names like Melissa and Jane (which I often forgot). I had a bee-sting, and they were sopposed to ask me about what was my problem, if I hurt, where, what I last ate (anything from ice cream & soda to roast beef), if the oxygen helped, what meds I was taking, past med. history, and etc.

Being shot with an epi-pen hurts, and so does double blood-pressure taking when it is to low on your arm. Multiple surveys of my chracter were undertaken.(I 'clam up' when other people come around....I'm more talkative that my sis....I'm a good actress, and a very novice (read: unhelpful) emergency patient) And some other things like taking blurry group shots, and making everyone sit as far away from me as possible...(was that really me, or was it my Guinea Pig status?).

In was interesting....and tireing.....and memorable.....and I think I'd be interesting to be an EMT.......


me said...

"a very novice (read: unhelpful) emergency patient"

;) good way to put it! glad you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

my turn was fun :)

Joel Pendleton said...

Hey! I'm and of luck to your sister...and my hat is off to you and your dedication to beeing poked, squeezed, and otherwise used as a guinnea pig! :-)

Warbler said...