Thursday, August 28, 2008

McCain's 'hero' T. Roosevelt

So, McCain will attempt to emulate his 'heroes' should he become president. I have begun a file of research debunking this "Great Conservative--Regan", but a much quicker study can be done on the other infamous--Mr. Big Stick "Teddy" Roosevelt.

I shall begin with a most interesting historical overview:

The United States were begun on the foundation of Swiss Neutrality.... also called isolationism. This was the idea that any nation could keep politically to itself and not have to ally and treaty with any foreign nation. For instance: the Swiss have not fought in a foreign war (ie...out of it's borders) (or been attacked, for that matter) since 1815. (see hyperlink above)

This policy has been attacked by our people, our writers, and most shamefully, our Presidents. In an effort to control the entire Western Hemisphere (below Canada, that is) President James Monroe decided that American soldiers had the duty to fight to keep Latin America and the Caribbean free from any European influence. (ie....the USG would intervene by force if any European nation decided to colonize any new LA territories.)

This got us into the Spanish-American War, and we ended up taking ("colonizing") Guam, Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Cuba.

When dear old Teddy got into office, though, things began to change. Mr. Roosevelt was what is now called a "progressive". A "progressive Republican" of those days was basically a Democrat. T.R. decided that this doctrine needed enlarging. He invented what is now called the "Roosevelt Corollary". This new extension:

Yeah....what an amazing legacy! McCain will definitely follow in TR's footsteps!
Tr. himself used this to get into Cuba, and other LA nations. (in politically correct terms: "help them pay their debts and stabilize")

Herbert Hoover approved and released a Memorandum later which said that the "exercise of an international police power" was the "right of America as a state".
Now, it has been used many times in such unConstitutional means as any other President sees fit.
The Memorandum argued that the United States had a self-evident right of self-defense, and that this was all that was needed to justify certain actions.........

So you see....there is no doubt that as a President, McCain would expand the use of American soldiers to protect "American interests" (read: things/places that the USG doesn't think other nations should have/own) all around the world.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

McCain deserves an Emmy!!!

I am awed by this man. I intend to emulate him. McCain is SOOOO talented and able!

Why, his performance at the Saddleback Forum was not only so perfectly carried out, but seemed so completely guileless, that even people who were previously opposed to him vow to stand by him.

Part 1:
He looked so contrite and humbled when he spoke about the "failure" of his first marriage. It is to him his greatest moral failure. America, he said, was much to selfish and self-centered. (3:10)
**Hilarious moment: Rick Warren with a straight face asks when McCain sent against his party's "interest" (4:32)
McCain makes it look like "reaching across the aisle" is something that must be done to "put the country first" (5:25) (10:50) He says deciding to stay in prison "took a lot of prayer".

Part 2:
McCain refrained from looking at the audience when he clenched his jaw and said that a baby was entitled to human rights "at the moment of conception"(3:15). However, he went on to boast of a "20 year pro-life record" and claimed that "as President I will be a pro-life President".
This is a "promise" he has made many times in his past running history. NRLC, a leading pro-life group has endorsed him over their previous reservations. (NOTE: this article is no longer on the NRLC database. It was removed some time since June when it was brought to my attention.)
Some other articles about this issue from a Catholic Perspective from 2007, and a long letter from the NRLC to McCain about McCain-Feingold and it's effect on their free-speech. He continues later to promise all Americans that more soldiers will be sent "throughout the world" (8:15) to protect foreigners and to force the world to not be "evil".

Beginning at 9:15, we get into some boldfaced lies. On the issue of judges, he said he would not have nominated Ginsburg, Breyer, Souter and Stevens. (the first three being people he himself voted to confirm)(he was not in the senate when Stevens was nominated) He says his "recent favorites" are Roberts and Alito. (hyperlinked are his media-transmitted comments about them THEN.)
But, let us not forget the "Gang of 14" which banded together to prevent the Constitutional safeguard of liberty: the filibuster, and who broke left of their respective party in order to force Congress to bow to their wishes!

Part 3:
Education: He will institute a "merit pay".....which entails only that every child will pass, no matter what their level of understanding. Skill has no place next to money! He knows exactly what words to put into his talk, like a well scripted play. "Homeschooling" and "stewardship", "conservative", "challenges" and "better life".
He talked about the taboo fact....that Congress is spending tax dollars.....although he did waltz around the issue of WHERE the money is going, telling us only about the preposterous one. How about illegal immigrants receiving $15,000 per anchor baby? No, he is in support of a North American Union, and after that of a global nation. Ever heard of the Phoenix? It will replace/combine the Euro and the Amero.....isn't it interesting that Phoenix is also a town in Arizona?
Anyhow, the article is from last year, broadcasting the views of Jerome Corsi, who endorses Chuck Baldwin on the Constitution Party in his new, bestselling book, Obama Nation. Once again, he extols the one-party *eh hem* vision, of working together as the only way "for the good of the nation's security". Yes, turning into a one-party system would "keep America from attack" (10:30)

Part 4:
Begins by "talk about America's responsibility to the world"...oh boy!!!! Mr. Warren uses bible verses to ask "what is our stewardship to everyone else?" How about clearing up my headache by giving me some Biblical cross references to how the issue of policing the world and being blessed of God combine? Or how "much is required" of America as a nation because it's people have been blessed?
McCain is no less vague in his words. "...Wars have started in obscure places that have enveloped us..." ...ummmm.....ONLY because we disobeyed the Founding Fathers, got into "entangling alliances" and decided to fight. The only four wars in which USA has been "enveloped" were the "French & Indian war;" a continuation of the "100 years war" which Europe had been in for decades. The Revolutionary war; in which a little group of colonies decided to throw off the dictatorship of the mother-land. The Indian wars; in which the USGovernment treated the red men like cattle, and the red men, using guerrilla warfare, cost their aggressor thousands of casualties. And, finally, the Civil War/War of Northern Aggression/..... war which was a result of a variety of causes and fought for a great deal more reasons.
"Americans have gone into every corner of the world in defense of someone else's freedom. No other nation on earth has ever done that...(1:39)" that is because they weren't SUICIDAL!
McCain also said he would pledge American troops when America's National Security and Interests were at stake (2:15). America's National Security is non-existent at this point in time because our soldiers are in over 100 countries around the world being bodyguards for dictators and caring for the UN's interests!
He also says "our obligation is to stop genocide wherever we can...(2:26)" "we" meaning the American soldiers and the USG, I suppose.... and "obviously, we have got to do more! (3:06)"

Not only in Rwanda, but in the "formerly christian nation" of Georgia, in which AMERICA must preserve their "territorial integrity". See, "they are wonderful people, they are suffering terribly, terribly, now...(5:20)" So, we must "send the message to Russia that this behavior is not acceptable in the 21st century (6:15)". I have two words in response: Why us?

Part 5:
What does the Federal government have to do about orphans? Answer: NOTHING.
He even made "reaching across the aisle" (4:35) seemed like a magnanimous thing (silly me, I thought Barak Obama's side was the enemy!) But, he stood firmly by the fact that "our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian values" (5:55)

Such an audition shall not go amiss, surely! I am sure he will receive the leading role in the show! Indeed, I shall endeavor to emulate him for years to come!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hogwash and Mumbletygook

As some of you might know, Pastor Rick Warren, of "Purpose Driven Life" fame, held a forum for two Presidential Candidates at his church. He asked a variety of moral, and political questions, and the two answered in their own manner.

I had the misfortune of stumbling upon the Fox News Channel last night in a search for a "lesser of all the evils" way to spend (read: waste like a slob) my time. Mr. Sean Hannity was discussing the forum with Mr. Warren, and after about 5 minutes of Hannity "cooing like a bilious pigeon" I looked about in search of something less sickening, and found Jimmy Neutron on Nickelodeon channel...hoooora!

I say this to make you laugh... Mr Hannity was exclaiming on how wonderful Mr. McCain's answers were, how YOUNG Mr. McCain looked ("Why, he looked almost 50, didn't he?"--me--rotfl) and how bumbling Mr. Obama sounded, and how evasive his answers.

I have previously read Mr. Hannity's book "Deliver Us From Evil" and the same sick feeling engulfed me. It was basically a deification of President Bush's dealing with "the threat of Islamofascism" and how Democrats like Carter and Clinton had nearly ruined the country, but strong presidents, who knew what evil was (Regan, Bush, and Bush 2), were our only hope for the future. It was a last-ditch effort to get Bush elected again in '04, and to defeat Kerry.

Basically, they are "true patriots" (see last post). Their blind devotion to their party, no matter what it's face or reputation is all that matters. Anyone on the "other side" HAS to be wrong, and simply foolish.

I heard the most interesting thing the other day....there are not "two major parties". there is one party that pretends to fight so that everyone is so entertained that they don't know/care what else is going on. It is very profound...and sad...and sickening.....

Saturday, August 16, 2008


is a very confusing, rather un-definable and probbably the biggest culprit in the loss of liberty....

What is YOUR definition? I'd be interested to know....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Trees + kids + sunshine = fun pictures

One monkey:

Two monkey:

Three monkey:

He was adorable watching the motorcycle drive out...

And he was on a take those tsinelas somewhere!


"God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing."

— C. S. Lewis

Monday, August 11, 2008

Vignettes of life:

Micah is told to watch the baby in the other room while dinner is being readied. In lieu of playing toys, we hear him discussing "capes to honor the king". Laughing among ourselves, we assume HE is the king.....but oh, were we wrong!

Rolling the baby around on the stroller, whatever the "king" said went. When baby uttered his only word "mama", he was rolled to the kitchen to see "royal mama". Later, as ideas began to run out, the king’s character changed some, along with the perception of royalty....

"The king is going to execute me!" one screams.
"Ok," says Micah, "we will line up, and he will execute one of us...the first one he looks at is the one to be executed."
The fated peasant happens to be Caleb. He runs away screaming. Micah begins talking in a low gravelly voice..."Oh, king, I will now execute this miserable human being..." Caleb runs away again, and Micah runs after. From down the hallway we hear (in the low gravelly voice) "Oh, king, I have executed him....he will never be seen again!" (and whispered orders not to come out of the hallway).

When the rebellious peasant re-appears (he stayed in hiding longer than expected) the traitorous duke begins chasing him with the royal stroller and a plastic fishing pole yelling: "Hook him! Hook him!" (the king is amused on the high-energy chase, although nearly dumped from the stroller on a dangerous curve)

Micah continues his antics whenever Caleb appears out of the hallway, and Caleb begins to act the part attempting to rush at his-royal-babyhood with a murderous glint in his eye.

"Royal Mama" breaks it up, telling Micah to stop yelling and Caleb to stop endangering the royal life....oh well....the vignette had to end some time!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Days of our Lives

My mother was browsing E-cards today looking for a certain card to send some special people...when she stumbled on this site, and it's list of dates, holidays, and card ideas.

If you'll notice...each one has a link.....and a special significance....

Have you ever celebrated Romance Awareness Month? How about Wiggle Your Toes Day?

Other August highlights include: coffee month, golf month, napping month, spoonerism month, brownies for brunch month, family meal month, national parks month, and toddler month.

I especially love refrigerator is JUST around the corner!!!! Better yet...TOILET PAPER DAY!!!

Friday, August 01, 2008


I am daily reminded of and grateful for a verse a friend repeated to me about a dozen times (though trying to prove an entirely different subject).

Mark 13:20 "...but for the elect’s sake, whom He chose, He shortened the days..."

Which is why I am extremely glad that a postmillennial friend I know is wrong in his eschatology....Come quickly, Lord Jesus! Come QUICKLY

But...the Great I AM--still IS!