Monday, August 11, 2008

Vignettes of life:

Micah is told to watch the baby in the other room while dinner is being readied. In lieu of playing toys, we hear him discussing "capes to honor the king". Laughing among ourselves, we assume HE is the king.....but oh, were we wrong!

Rolling the baby around on the stroller, whatever the "king" said went. When baby uttered his only word "mama", he was rolled to the kitchen to see "royal mama". Later, as ideas began to run out, the king’s character changed some, along with the perception of royalty....

"The king is going to execute me!" one screams.
"Ok," says Micah, "we will line up, and he will execute one of us...the first one he looks at is the one to be executed."
The fated peasant happens to be Caleb. He runs away screaming. Micah begins talking in a low gravelly voice..."Oh, king, I will now execute this miserable human being..." Caleb runs away again, and Micah runs after. From down the hallway we hear (in the low gravelly voice) "Oh, king, I have executed him....he will never be seen again!" (and whispered orders not to come out of the hallway).

When the rebellious peasant re-appears (he stayed in hiding longer than expected) the traitorous duke begins chasing him with the royal stroller and a plastic fishing pole yelling: "Hook him! Hook him!" (the king is amused on the high-energy chase, although nearly dumped from the stroller on a dangerous curve)

Micah continues his antics whenever Caleb appears out of the hallway, and Caleb begins to act the part attempting to rush at his-royal-babyhood with a murderous glint in his eye.

"Royal Mama" breaks it up, telling Micah to stop yelling and Caleb to stop endangering the royal life....oh well....the vignette had to end some time!

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