Saturday, June 30, 2007

From the Heart of the Sea

So...we finally got to unpacking our boxes from the Philippines, and one of the recovered treasures was about 10lb. of shells.

I have been washing them and laying them out according to thier size and kind.

Can you guess the size of these beauties?

WRONG!!!! The winner (the red one all the way on the right) was 5/16th's of an inch wide, and 3/16th's long.

Here are all the contestants in decreasing size.

And here are some wet coral peices too...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We've Moved!!

To another house......and I am NOt looking forward to it EVER again if it is anything like this move.

I have wanted to get a pic, but that hasn't happened yet!

So...I'll update when I can!!


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Stem Cells and Life

As I logged out of my Yahoo mail account, I was redirected to the Yahoo home page. All fine so far, no?

Well, the head article was about how embryonic stem cells might just be able to provide a cure for blindness in 5-10 years.

Considering the senate debate that is going on, and the looming threat of taxpayer money going to murdering human beings...this is a shameless gag to turn public opinion.

I decided to go on a rampage, and began searching for articles on the subject. After about 20 minutes, I came across this interesting article, written from the (wrong) side. I shall quote it in part-

President Bush has claimed that adult stem cells are a more promising avenue of research, because they are already being used in the clinical setting. This argument is absurd in light of the fact that the majority of available treatments involving adult stem cells, such as bone marrow transplants, do not involve complicated attempts to differentiate the cells into specific types of body cells. On the other hand, transforming an embryonic stem cell into a heart or nerve cell is an extremely complicated process that will take substantial time and research—and money. For 2007 the National Institutes of Health (NIH) earmarked only $39 million for human embryonic stem cell (ES) research, while adult stem cell research received $200 million. Adult stem cells have more developed medical applications because they are easier to work with and have received more funding, not because they have more potential. More importantly, an extended time frame is no reason to bar a path of medical research. If we invest in ES research now, it may offer useful treatment by the time members of our generation begins to develop Alzheimer’s.

There you have REALLY work with stem cells you need to go through complex procedures, and have LOT'S of potential. But I put that logic to you. You have a good steady, working horse on one side, and a young, untrained, newly-purchased horse on the other. The second horse has LOT'S of potential to be a good riding horse, and you have to do some complex things to get it trained....which would you chose?

Also, these studies will only benefit in 10-20 years, and possibly not at all. Why get cures for people now? Why not spend hundred millions to benefit yourself later?!

It concludes by saying:

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) said before President Bush’s veto that “regardless of the president’s actions, whether he vetoes this bill or not, we intend to keep pushing this research forward.” Pushing this research forward to override a presidential veto will require 50 more House votes and four more Senate votes. As constituents it is our responsibility to apply the necessary pressure on our representatives to encourage them to vote for embryonic stem cell research. We cannot continue to allow Bush to impose a position that flies in the face of science and common sense. To do so would be to deny hope to the millions of patients who are anxiously waiting for the potential of embryonic stem cells to be realized.

There are other sites which tell you about all the benefits that adult stem-cells are giving to people NOW.

It is necessary to note that the power of adult stem cells is not nebulously
potential, but tangible and real, as it has produced wonderful results in
multiple cases. These have been documented in clinical trials, that is,
treatments with human patients. With adult stem cells, physicians have
successfully treated autoimmune diseases such as lupus, multiple sclerosis,
Crohn's disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. Furthermore, adult stem cells
have helped to avert corneal degeneration and to restore vision in cases of
blindness. They have also restored proper cardiac function to heart attack
sufferers and improved movement in spinal cord injury patients.

Why mess around with the unknown? I'll tell you why....because Satan hates life. From the fall of man he has been against families, against children and against the God who loves them.

This is one more dastardly way to exterminate the race of mankind, created in the image of their all-powerful Creator. Will you let this happen? Or does the 'buck stop with you'?

Children are the only lasting heritage for the future. Teach them, and they will follow what is right. Kill them, and you will die knowing there is no hope in the future. Your beliefs and your ideas will die with you.

How far will our country fall? Numerous sites I browsed over boast on how taking stem cells doesn't harm anything. One lady commented on an article saying "I have this awful disease that stem cells might be able to cure, and my son has just been diagnosed with it. I want a cure, and I don't care what it takes."

I'll tell you what it takes LIFE

Sunday, June 03, 2007

How sick can we get?

"Selective Reduction"

I got a really bad taste in my mouth....

How sick can we get? This man is a murderer. He knows this, everyone knows this...yet they do NOTHING......and they even pay him for 'helping' them.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Memorial Day Anthem

It seemed to be an every one's lips...and I found an interesting irony in the line

"The flag still stands for Freedom and they can't take that away"

I couldn't resist a re-wording of the famous song: "God bless the U.S.A"

If tomorrow the things were gone
I'd payed tax for all my life,
And I had to start again
With just my children and my wife-
I thank _____* above
To be living here today
'Cause the Federal Government
Will care for me anyway.

And I'm proud to be a citizen
Where the socialists govern me
And I won't forget, to whom I owe
This protection, security
And I'll gladly stand up, next to you
And work for her today.
Cause there ain't no doubt,
I love this life!
_____* bless ______**

From the lakes of fish preservation
To the hills being mined for gold
Across the plains filled with oil,
From polluted sea to the communist fold-
From Detroit down to Houston
From New York to LA
Where there's pride in any citizen's heart
It's time they pay to say....

That I'm proud to be a citizen
Where the socialists govern me
And I won't forget, to whom I owe
This protection, security
And I'll gladly stand up, next to you
And work for her today.
Cause there ain't no doubt, I love this life!
_____* bless ______**

_____* = the politically correct way to express the nothing that orders the universe at whatever time (to say Allah would be more than acceptable as well!)
_____** = the politically correct term for the ruling minority at whatever time