Sunday, June 03, 2007

How sick can we get?

"Selective Reduction"

I got a really bad taste in my mouth....

How sick can we get? This man is a murderer. He knows this, everyone knows this...yet they do NOTHING......and they even pay him for 'helping' them.


Sally said...'re right, it's sickening. I'll never understand. probably the worst was the quote from the lesbian partner.

"It's killing me that we're going to do this."

actually, it's killing your baby. she thinks she's pro-choice, but she isn't. how can you be?

Warbler said... is interesting that pro-death people have children.

I once read a testimony of a couple who changed thier minds after having children.

The wife hadn't been able to have kids for a while, and then as she looked at the ultrasound screen she realised that her 'baby' could legally be killed and she supported that.
It was really good. I'll have to remember where that was.