Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Does speeding qualify as 'redeeming the time'?

Monday, August 27, 2007

What is an:

Anti-Evolutionary Charade?

Cautions about sources and topics

Never cite a religious science source such as ICR, Answers in Genesis, or anything else like that. It is easy to recognize these groups. They are virulently anti-evolution. This caution also extends to the new ID (Intelligent Design) movement - another anti-evolutionary charade. These people are 95% wrong. As for the other 5%, no answer is known so they make up things that are not supported by experimentation. More than 100 years of rigorous investigations in fields from biology to geology have proven evolution as a fact. The debate is about mechanisms and it is a vigorous one. This debate is the theory part of evolution. You will be penalized for citing anti-evolutionary material. It is not science. If the thesis of your paper is anti-evolutionary (akin to arguing against the germ theory of disease or against the atomic theory of matter) you will receive a failing grade. Scientific journals do not publish papers with creationist and ID themes. I will certainly not accept them.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Christian Assertion

"To take no pleasure in assertions is not the mark of a Christian heart; indeed, one must delight in assertions to be Christian at all."

"Nothing is more familiar or characteristic among Christians than assertion. Take away assertions, and you take away Christianity."

Martin Luther, The Bondage of the Will

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Illinois Trip 1

(For conveniant reading, I have posted these in 'backwards' don't have too keep on going down, and then back up, and then down again.)

Well, we were gone for 9 days, and 12 + hours.

It was a time of spiritual meditation, and closeness with God. Death was a constant theme....especially at speeds far exceeding 85 mph!!!!!!!!

The overall trip was good...or at the least OK....that is, not considering the open hospitality, free room and board, good meals, fun games, delighting companionship, hospitality, big fat blankets, friendship, fellowship, good singing, encouragement, constant exercise (hem*), and love extended to us by the E* family. Needless to say, the floor was wonderful, and the dog-house was roomy enough!!!

We stopped by the J's house on Tue. night, and spent a couple hours making jokes, looking through photo albums, and talking about things until everyone was SO exhausted that they HAD to go to bed.
Everyone except David got up early, and I made a big hot breakfast. ;) We walked around, took pictures, and had to pull ourselves away...but we finally got on the road to IL.

We crossed the timezone, and the border after an extended period of time, and then enjoyed ourselves gaping at the city like some fresh-from-the-country tourists, and took a couple dozen pictures.

At the E's our dearest hostess fed us and gave us a grand tour of her house, and showed the staff to their rooms. We two then ordered a cup of tea and chatted for some time before turning out the lights.....(*HEM*). However, I was taught the grand and strategical game of Catan, but was not able to finish it.

I fell asleep before being rudely awakened by two giggling girls turning on the lights, walking on me, jumping on and off beds like hyperactive puppies, playing youtube songs, and on the whole acting rather shamefully for the late hours they had been keeping.

The Illinois Trip 2

Thursday, the 16th, I was awakened, with no thought as to the horror I had endured the night before, at the absurd hour of 7:30. I was rushed about to get dressed and ready, as we would be leaving VERY soon. However, at 9:15, when the first party arrived at the Metra station, the train waved goodbye to us, and we girls decided to weary ourselves early by touring the prestigious village of L____ville.

Once our party arrived, I shot pictures and we all got situated in the train. At the great and legendary Windy City, we walked for hours and took many pictures, as well as many turns carrying about 50 lb. of backpack full of a great lunch. We spent some time at Millenium Park, took a full turn around the Navy Pier, and then suroy-ed the Chicago Cultural Center.
Afterwards, I went home with Mr. E*, and the two younger boys, while BJ, DK, and our hostess spent the rest of the day (and a good bit of the night) in the Art Museum.

The Illinois Trip 3

Friday, after a time of singing and praying, I went along to an American Mall, and took pictures of my two lovely companions in evening gowns. I then treated them to lunch, and bought their favorite dress, which they wore to the White House for the official MK Awareness Luncheon with the President. ( better believe it).
We were then abandoned with a stomach full of Pizza to sit in front of the TV and watch a horror movie about Antarctica. Ruthanna was very sweet and brought my shivering sister and I two blankets, which helped us survive the peril. After that, I watched National Treasure with the two youngest boys and retired at about 11 PM.

Saturday, I went up to Wisconsin with the maid and my good friend Matthew, to spend a fun, albeit a bit windy hour along the beach front of Simmons Island. We came home and spent an afternoon lazing around, and the night taking interesting pictures of our hostess.

The Illinois Trip 4

Sunday, the 19th, we wttended a sermon-and-singing-time at a designated place of meeting, after which we ate hamburgers and potato chips inside because it was raining steadily. Having gulped down our food, we rushed home only to go out again, and tour the campus of the school our hostess was set to attend.
At about 3 PM, everyone went home except for her and the maid, and I played a 'real' game of Catan, and tied for second....even if I DID have my best numbers as a two and a three. I also created a new reasource, or at least re-named one. That night, we also all enjoyed an African movie.....or at least on ABOUT an extent....which our Muslim-Culture audience seemed to enjoy.

Monday, I spent the entire day with BJ. We visited two colleges of renown, the center of the ministry that introduced my father to homeschooling, and the house a friend. At said last port of call, we spent more time than planned, because our car mysteriously and with great evil in it's heart, died, and had to be jump-started.
Once said evil car was grudginly working, we returned to the E's and faced the wrath of said car's owner, and I went to 3 AM....after wrestling with another evil-at-heart peice of machinery which refused to download pictures. It won, and I have since...yes, I admit my sin...harbored evil thoughts towards it, and planned intricate tortures for it should it fall into my hands.

The Illinois Trip 5

Tuesday, we took a sad departure from the lovely quarters we had enjoyed for so long, and drove many long hours south towards Kentucky. Our left, front tire saw fit to loose most of it's unfortunate life's-breath about 2/3 of the way there, and we spent prescious time waiting for it to be fixed. Arriving at our destination, we were precariously close to closing time, and didn't really want to rush through.
God provided a host family not more than 30 min. away who were more than glad to have us over at the spur of the moment. We enjoyed many jokes, good pizza, a dumb TV show (wink*), and some intellectual debate until midnight, at which all who were left awake went to bed.

The next morning we spent as long as we wanted touring the Creation Museum, and really enjoyed it. It was VERY well presented, and the shows were really memorable. We got to be part of a photo shoot, and enjoyed the funny "Out of Order- we live in a fallen world" or "Creation still in progress" or "Thou Shalt not Touch!".

We set off past noon, and arrived home very exhausted, grumpy, and tired. However, we did try to have fun, and we learned how to work together with people in less-than-medically-well-for-you personal space, and loads of baggage which hampered movement.

It was was good! :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


At Mrs. Edith's:Doing beads,
Doing Backflips,
As a family....

08-15 Lake Michigan

Saturday, August 18, 2007


I have now been to Wisconsin!!

.....and Illinois....

.....and Indiana...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

About that date-

So....."it" went off well with my partner....

And my other two guys (I like to bring the security guards along.... just in case)....

And the rest of my eccentric and pizza-loving party!!

Family can be really great! (sometimes!)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I've got a date!!

With the SWEEETEST guy!!!

Some of you know him, and some have yet to meet him....but his interests include:

Toy Trains-His Shoes- And Making Faces-
I am also out on a date with my littlestest sister.....
*sigh*.....I'm in LOVE!!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

There Once was an Archaeologist...

Who while out digging, found a large stone tablet. It read: "I do not exist". It was signed: God.

The man held his prize aloft and yelled triumphantly to all who could hear him, "See!! I told you so!"

(A story told by Gustave Flaubert)

Friday, August 03, 2007


Lunch today was bulad.....for those of you in the know! ;)

Mokaon pa si Saralyn!! Tinood Pinay, diay!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

He likes his bath....

But not his towel!!!!!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


The illustrious and genius minds of mankind's great scientists can cure Cancer and change how people live by revolutions in technology.....

But they still don't know what causes hiccups!