Friday, August 24, 2007

The Illinois Trip 2

Thursday, the 16th, I was awakened, with no thought as to the horror I had endured the night before, at the absurd hour of 7:30. I was rushed about to get dressed and ready, as we would be leaving VERY soon. However, at 9:15, when the first party arrived at the Metra station, the train waved goodbye to us, and we girls decided to weary ourselves early by touring the prestigious village of L____ville.

Once our party arrived, I shot pictures and we all got situated in the train. At the great and legendary Windy City, we walked for hours and took many pictures, as well as many turns carrying about 50 lb. of backpack full of a great lunch. We spent some time at Millenium Park, took a full turn around the Navy Pier, and then suroy-ed the Chicago Cultural Center.
Afterwards, I went home with Mr. E*, and the two younger boys, while BJ, DK, and our hostess spent the rest of the day (and a good bit of the night) in the Art Museum.

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