Friday, August 24, 2007

The Illinois Trip 5

Tuesday, we took a sad departure from the lovely quarters we had enjoyed for so long, and drove many long hours south towards Kentucky. Our left, front tire saw fit to loose most of it's unfortunate life's-breath about 2/3 of the way there, and we spent prescious time waiting for it to be fixed. Arriving at our destination, we were precariously close to closing time, and didn't really want to rush through.
God provided a host family not more than 30 min. away who were more than glad to have us over at the spur of the moment. We enjoyed many jokes, good pizza, a dumb TV show (wink*), and some intellectual debate until midnight, at which all who were left awake went to bed.

The next morning we spent as long as we wanted touring the Creation Museum, and really enjoyed it. It was VERY well presented, and the shows were really memorable. We got to be part of a photo shoot, and enjoyed the funny "Out of Order- we live in a fallen world" or "Creation still in progress" or "Thou Shalt not Touch!".

We set off past noon, and arrived home very exhausted, grumpy, and tired. However, we did try to have fun, and we learned how to work together with people in less-than-medically-well-for-you personal space, and loads of baggage which hampered movement.

It was was good! :)


rm said...

and would it be possible for one to see any of the copious numbers of pictures you self-admittedly took?

Warbler said...

Hmmm....Bethany made albums on picasa. I thought she sent the links to everyone. Since she had those up, I decided to post a synopsis instead of a lot of pictures everyone already saw.

I'll bug her til she sends you the link. ;)