Friday, August 03, 2007


Lunch today was bulad.....for those of you in the know! ;)

Mokaon pa si Saralyn!! Tinood Pinay, diay!


GM said...

Uuk! Where in the state of PA did you find bulad! or did you (shudder)make your own? Did it stink up your whole house, since the current one is far less open than Argao?

Warbler said...


We did "stink up the house" as you put it. But we definitely did not make our own.

The smell is almost gone (though you probbably won't think so)and it only reached the upstairs. I couldn't smell it downstairs.

We got said substance at a Vietnamese Store. We have some leftover if you'd like some!

Widsith said...

Bulad? Sounds and looks intriguing! Is it a family favourite? :)

Warbler said...

It is 'poor people's food' basically. It is fish, split in half, covered in salt, and sun-dried. Bulad means 'sun-bleached' or 'bleached' or 'dried' but it implies 'out in the sun'. buy this cheap, long-shelf-life food, fry it in a half-inch of oil, and the pungent odor is almost legendary.

It tastes least I think so...and it is SO salty that you eat about 1/2 lb. of rice per fish.

These were tiny....A?Nd they weren't the 'real thing' we didn't eat more than 1c. per fish.

Anna said...

Was ist "bulad"?

Anna said...

Hmmm...I somehow hadn't seen all the comments before I posted. Thank you for the extremely speeding answering services. :)