Friday, August 24, 2007

The Illinois Trip 3

Friday, after a time of singing and praying, I went along to an American Mall, and took pictures of my two lovely companions in evening gowns. I then treated them to lunch, and bought their favorite dress, which they wore to the White House for the official MK Awareness Luncheon with the President. ( better believe it).
We were then abandoned with a stomach full of Pizza to sit in front of the TV and watch a horror movie about Antarctica. Ruthanna was very sweet and brought my shivering sister and I two blankets, which helped us survive the peril. After that, I watched National Treasure with the two youngest boys and retired at about 11 PM.

Saturday, I went up to Wisconsin with the maid and my good friend Matthew, to spend a fun, albeit a bit windy hour along the beach front of Simmons Island. We came home and spent an afternoon lazing around, and the night taking interesting pictures of our hostess.

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