Friday, August 24, 2007

The Illinois Trip 1

(For conveniant reading, I have posted these in 'backwards' don't have too keep on going down, and then back up, and then down again.)

Well, we were gone for 9 days, and 12 + hours.

It was a time of spiritual meditation, and closeness with God. Death was a constant theme....especially at speeds far exceeding 85 mph!!!!!!!!

The overall trip was good...or at the least OK....that is, not considering the open hospitality, free room and board, good meals, fun games, delighting companionship, hospitality, big fat blankets, friendship, fellowship, good singing, encouragement, constant exercise (hem*), and love extended to us by the E* family. Needless to say, the floor was wonderful, and the dog-house was roomy enough!!!

We stopped by the J's house on Tue. night, and spent a couple hours making jokes, looking through photo albums, and talking about things until everyone was SO exhausted that they HAD to go to bed.
Everyone except David got up early, and I made a big hot breakfast. ;) We walked around, took pictures, and had to pull ourselves away...but we finally got on the road to IL.

We crossed the timezone, and the border after an extended period of time, and then enjoyed ourselves gaping at the city like some fresh-from-the-country tourists, and took a couple dozen pictures.

At the E's our dearest hostess fed us and gave us a grand tour of her house, and showed the staff to their rooms. We two then ordered a cup of tea and chatted for some time before turning out the lights.....(*HEM*). However, I was taught the grand and strategical game of Catan, but was not able to finish it.

I fell asleep before being rudely awakened by two giggling girls turning on the lights, walking on me, jumping on and off beds like hyperactive puppies, playing youtube songs, and on the whole acting rather shamefully for the late hours they had been keeping.


Schupack said...

as in, Settlers of Catan?

Warbler said...

Yes....I found it a very interesting twist on 'Stratego' and it has a better economic basis than 'Risk'.

Can we play it sometime?