Friday, August 24, 2007

The Illinois Trip 4

Sunday, the 19th, we wttended a sermon-and-singing-time at a designated place of meeting, after which we ate hamburgers and potato chips inside because it was raining steadily. Having gulped down our food, we rushed home only to go out again, and tour the campus of the school our hostess was set to attend.
At about 3 PM, everyone went home except for her and the maid, and I played a 'real' game of Catan, and tied for second....even if I DID have my best numbers as a two and a three. I also created a new reasource, or at least re-named one. That night, we also all enjoyed an African movie.....or at least on ABOUT an extent....which our Muslim-Culture audience seemed to enjoy.

Monday, I spent the entire day with BJ. We visited two colleges of renown, the center of the ministry that introduced my father to homeschooling, and the house a friend. At said last port of call, we spent more time than planned, because our car mysteriously and with great evil in it's heart, died, and had to be jump-started.
Once said evil car was grudginly working, we returned to the E's and faced the wrath of said car's owner, and I went to 3 AM....after wrestling with another evil-at-heart peice of machinery which refused to download pictures. It won, and I have since...yes, I admit my sin...harbored evil thoughts towards it, and planned intricate tortures for it should it fall into my hands.

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