Sunday, February 28, 2010



My choice, my consequence,
My destiny
Molded by the hands which created
And love me

My life, my heart to You
Alone belong
Every tremoring, numbered heartbeat
Of my life’s song

At night to You I cry
My heart’s desire
Must be You, and You alone, O Lord
Your consuming fire

Purify me, burn away
All my dross
Let my heart seek and look only for
The foot of Your cross.

*Note: Inspired….slowly, but definitely. The last four lines, for sure!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Always... in My Eyes

A bittersweet and tender song...

*Note: The title of the song is "Always a Child". The spanish person who named it named it wrong, but it was the best original rendition I could find on youtube..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


You might have heard.....but this area of the country is getting a mite of snow...

Ok....a good deal of snow....

About 10 times more snow than normal!!

In fact, so much snow that schools and churches were cancelling all activities, PenDot trucks were working full-blast, and roads were closed!

Tuseday, we were caught in the beginnings of a 24hour blizzard about 20 miles from home. (In fact, it was only 17, but rounding up is smoother) The snow was scheduled to begin at 2, but it didn't start till about 3:30. By 4 pm roads were clogged and we were stuck on a two-lane road trying to get to the library. We got there (well, not ME, but I will get to that later!) 3 minutes after closing time, and just as they were locking up.
However, we did make the post office. Well, we made the post office at 4. But the line was so long I went in to take my brother's place. Then my little sister came in to tell me that the rest of them were going to try to get the 1 or so mile to the library before it closed at 5. This was at about 4:15, and as I was finally 2nd in line. In three minutes the business was done, and so we sat down on the side to wait for the return of mother, siblings and car. Then, I get a phone call.
"Come meet us" she says. "We are only about 50 feet down the road."
I can't help but groan. The conditions are nearing whiteout in the deepening darkness. And I am wearing stockings and flats...
I set out quickly....watching to not slip, and trying to traverse the snow drifts from the previous 3ft of snow and the 1 inch already on the sidewalks.
"Should we pull into Dairy Queen and let you catch up?" she asks
"No, get to the library before it closes!! We'll catch up!!"
"But I have a green light!"
She goes through the light, and we come to a place where the sidewalk disappears and 3 feet of snow stretch for 10 feet to the roadway packed with cars.
I hesitated too long...there was no catching up now!
Sister and I finally reach and sit down in Dairy Queen.
After about 15 minutes we get a call....the library was closed (see above)
After another 10 or so minutes we run across to the other side of the street and get in the car.

2 plus hours later we finally pull into our driveway.
We need better snow tires!!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

One Year

I honestly can't remember what I was thinking of or doing. All I know is that I was NOT really concentrating on the slope or my speed.

Suddenly, the hill dropped away and I was falling....rolling.The history!

Since the accident, I have learned a lot of things, and it really opened up a whole new phase of life for me.
Some excerpts from my mental notepad on this occasion:

1) I have a lot of things to be thankful for. The rest of me works most of the time, and I have a pretty continual reminder to pray when it starts to hurt.

2) I am saved from being addicted to movies. I know this sounds funny, bu whenever I see actors and actresses gallivanting around the screen and jumping, rappelling, running, climbing...I wait to see if they will land wrong and break their ACL. I cannot get rid of the premonition. Once burned, forever shy, I guess.

3) People are forgetful and sinful. (Maybe a better title would be "Forgiveness") I have lost track of the amount of times that people have forgotten about it (it isn't very obvious like a missing limb would be...) and have asked me to do things, or expected me to respond or come swiftly and I do not (cannot!) deliver. What is worse is that even after I remind them about my knee they rarely show remorse for being forgetful and unreasonable. (They are more annoyed than ever, what really gets to me is many people say I'm just "trying to get out of work".)

4) Constant reminder of my own frailty and mortality. Yes, constant. Even when it does not specifically pain me, it reminds me of it's condition. I am decaying. Some day I will be able to run and not grow weary.

5) On the topic of running, I actually tried it a couple days ago. (Well, I guess it depends on your definition.) My little hop-trot for the first time in a year felt like running! I really didn't miss it...

6) God always presents new challenges when you grow stagnant. The "leg incident" changed a lot of things that I thought "normal", and because of it I was given a gift that I treasure above all.
It has been one year. A year of change and pain, filled with new heights of wonder, joy, peace and knowledge.
You will show me the path of life;
In Your presence is fullness of joy;
At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.