Sunday, September 03, 2006

I'm an MK

I’m an MK
That I’ll admit
.I have so many titles,
None bother me one bit!

I’ve lived in so many countries
Of which "normals" haven’t dreamed.
I’ve had, oh such heaps of fun-
How long ago it seems,

Don’t you just love to reminisce
The delightful songs and laughter?
Have you still a language to share
With a curious son or daughter?

Did you leave it behind- a memory?
Or cherish it still today?
Hold on to your MK heritage,
Oh don’t let it slip away!

You’re unique, I must say
And this is a part of you.
Let God use you: present and past.
For Him be faithful and true!
The Warbler

I am proud of being an MK. I embrace the diversity, cultural inadequacies, and insight that it has given me. I thank God for making me what I am and for how I have come to love Him more because of how I got to be raised. Who I am, what I love, and how I think were all shaped differently from "the normal" because of my childhood and upbringing. I have two heart languages, and a burden for souls will ever be on my heart. I heard God's word taught, and explained almost every day...and now explaining, defending and learning it is my life's passion.

It is like no other.....and I am an MK.

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Anonymous said...

Amen!!!! -tatay.