Sunday, October 01, 2006


I may be accused once more of complaining, but it is 50 around here. My work yesterday was to chap my hands in cobweb water TRYING to clean a ginormous chest freezer that was a steal a an auction. Today for the inside of it (help!!), and the dusty box of baskets that came in accompaniment to 5 boxes of misc. games, toys, kiddie batting helmets, and a hamster cage.

Life never ceases surprising you!


Joel Pendleton said... was in the 90's down here! :-)

And I am happy to see more and more poeple linking to the Constitution party!

And uh...yes. I am always sure to be clear that there are a few "secular" songs out there that are ok. It is so hard to find that very thin and gray, fuzzy haze of a line between ok and un-Godly. I just try to be careful not to come across legalistic.

Warbler said...

I don't think you can do anything about what people see you as. On one forum I WAS the legalist, but on another I am being warned that someone else was completely stringent.

It just depends on where you draw your lines. I, personally, don't have much trouble picking music. Though, sadly, many inspiring words are set to horrific tunes.

I might post something here to bore one reader. He will have heard me go over the same lines a third time. ;)

Joel Pendleton said...

Very true...I suppose the best thing is to just speak the truth, in love, and leave it in God's hands as to how other people view us. And, truth be told, if we were to have the right perspective, we wouldn't really care what other people think about us, and we'd only be concerned how our lives are displaying the image of Christ...after all, we bear His name as CHRISTians!

Thanks for the insight!