Saturday, December 29, 2007


I have been banned from computer for some time, therefore I have not updated, or responded to any recent comments.
My plays went ok. My performance was sometimes comical, and other times just sad. The first night I was much to quiet, and my aim was very bad!! (I throw candy to the audience in a part of my play)

Yes, Rache, they thought the accent most unique, and since I was the only person really doing it I stood out. One person who knew me in a different context was really, really shocked and impressed by how 'well I did it' which was probbably very bad according to any knowledgeable judge.

For those of you who were not initiated, I played the part of an old Russian grandmother, and when I decided of my own volition to add an accent, I called up a lovely friend who was from around there and who would naturally know all about what to do and how to roll the tongue properly. (though...I did forget the "ing-a" a couple times!!!)
Thursday, I said a line to early, and therefore messed up the dialogue and said the opposite of what was intended, but the church had SUCH amazing resonance that even the people who could not be heard were able to be understood.
Saturday, Bethy returned from her missions trip, and we finally had a camera, so all my pictures are from this one play. I missed coming in because we were all talking behind the curtain...but I guess it didn't show. I hit people with candy, and burst out laughing, which made me loose my train of thought. I then messed up a very serious dialogue, and had to run through it again...and apologised to the audience. Then, after forgetting my last sentence, I waited for my 'son' to say his line. He was awaiting my last sentence, so he said nothing. I assumed that he had forgotten his line, so I went on on the next sentence I could remember......which happened to be a whole page away. Thus, a whole chunk of the story went missing, and most of the little details were left hanging. We finished off in good style, and I only wanted to get away and have a good cry.
Because of the rectangular set-up, the cast had to sit behind a room-divider the entire play with the lights off so as not to I got to sit in a corner and no one knew what I was doing. I managed to fake a smile for the rest of the play, remembered the rest of my 5 lines, and bore out through Cast & Crew pictures, family hugs, congratulations from everyone on what a great performance it was, and the last piling of things into their respective owners cars.
I do not know if I was meant to be included or not, but as I was standing by the director's daughter, she could not help but invite me to an unofficial cast party at Friendly's, as she was inviting a couple other people. My dear oldest brother stayed behind to drive me home in his car, and volunteered to take me. I decided to go...thought not with much gusto, as I had a bad headache He scolded me for crying, and told me he had enjoyed the performance, and not noticed any problems but my 'sorry'. (which was unutterably sweet of him)

Because we got to the restaurant first, the manager kept on addressing me, who had no idea what was going on, and who was in no way able to organize for an American group of an unknown number at a very strange restaurant. My dear brother paid for some ice cream, and made the night much more enjoyable that it would have been by opening up conversation with some people, and getting things going. I left glad that I had gone, and in a much better frame of mind than I was before.

The next few weeks were filled with a whole lot of 'preparation-for-guests' cooking, and 'making-up-for-the-people-who-are-gone' work, and 'why-is-the-house-such-a-wreak' cleaning, and a bunch of other things which might possibly bore you.....
So I shall end with what we did last night......
Cut deer!
(Note: the WMD you see pictured here is a sundang (soon-daung)....and is very, very, very common in the RP)

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