Monday, February 25, 2008

You know:

You wear skirts a lot when:

....a relative stranger tells you that the skirt you are wearing is one of the shortest they have ever seen you wear (it is a little bit longer than knee length)

....a girl you have 'seen around' asks you if you like to wear "antique clothing" wear pants and your sibling think you look different answer those "get to know you" questions that ask what color pants you are wearing as "n/a"

....people explain the weird answer for you by saying "... ____ wears skirts all the time..."

....even when you DO wear kapris or pants, no one seems to be able to remember.... feel inclined to wear pants to an activity because you have worn skirts all the time, and people are looking at you weird... have so many skirt hangers in your closet that they continually fall off/mess up eachother/etc. 'find' an old skirt you loved underneath/behind a skirt you haven't worn in forever...

...your friends comment on your skirts when you walk in the door. Something like "I haven't seen you wear that one before..." or "Is that a new skirt?" or "yeah....she wore that before...." head outside in the snow in a skirt, and get weird looks


Sarah Good said...

hahah. :)

kalipay said...

"even when you DO wear kapris or pants, no one seems to be able to remember..."

THAT is so true. every time i wear pants to the fire station i get comments about it being the first time they've ever seen me... and i remind them that they said that LAST time, too...!