Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rant ala Politico

I am SO glad I can vote!! Are you aware, cher reader, that you are of no use in the world until you turn 18? Your signature cannot be honored, you have no social status, and nothing you do will be paid attention to without someone in charge giving you allowance. (unless you commit a crime, and then you are given a slap on the wrist and told very solemnly to "not do that again" and set free) However, even when you turn 18, you are only worthwhile so much as you vote and smoke.

Life only COUNTS when it turns the grand old age of 21, and then you are allowed to be a responsible citizen, voice your opinions to your elders, and work for any extended period of time.
It highly annoys me that, until July, I have no importance in the world. Even my signature is worthless. It is all the result of a government that wants teens and children to be completely dependent. If you don't have the power of citizenship...they do (or someone does). It will be eventual, that even 20-somethings don't have their citizenship power, and the 60+, and then down from there, and up from 30, until the government (or rather, those who are running it) has all the power and the generations used to meekly submitting to their "minor" fate will continue to submit, and Marx will be looking up at us with joy.

Edit: In response to the comment alleging that this post calls for the government to allow children to vote--
No, I'm calling for a reduction of government restrictions on "teens" aka young adults. I do not think that children should vote.
I think that life should be valued whenever it benefits society, and when it can be responsible and improve its surroundings.
I also think that the "minor" status (although necessary for younger children) should be downplayed, because it encourages immaturity and the phenomenon seen in "teens" and "tweens" know as "wild oats". Responsible citizenship is not exactly possible when one cannot even sign their name, and have it respected.

"A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches" (Proverbs 22:1) does not start at 18, or 21!

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RM said...

so one post you take a firm stance against the ignorant masses being given too much control of the country, and next thing I know you're calling for CHILDREN to have the right to vote?