Friday, March 13, 2009

Incapacitations resulting from my knee injury.

People have often asked me exactly how/when my leg/knee hurts. So, I have compiled a list of certain things that have/still do hurt.

At first:
Straightening leg to a 180 degree angle –impossible. I eventually got it by exercising it and it now does not hurt.
Bending leg less than a 85 degree angle.
Putting weight on leg—(i.e. walking) etc. (see below)

Bending leg less than 60 degrees –and that includes, bending your legs under you and sitting them, or twisting them to one side while bent.
Running –Think of how you bend your knees and throw your weight forward.....let us simplify this to "redistribution of weight".
Having people brush past me—see above
Jumping—lets’s just say I have no wish to try!
Falling—(i.e. missing a step!) which is a "redistribution of weight" problem, which causes little balls of fire to run up and down my leg muscles.
Pivoting—think of when you ball up your calf muscles in order to launch in a certain direction. See also "running"
Swiveling—as in keeping your feet facing one direction and turning from your knees or waist to face another direction.
Kneeling—as in anything that involves one’s left knee....for instance falling to your knees, walking on your knees, etc. I can do this ONLY when I am careful to put all my weight on my right knee, which wears out that knee.
Bending—see "redistribution of weight" also "line of balance"

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