Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Knee update:

This morning I went to York to get an X-ray of my knee. It has been giving me fits off and on since Thanksgiving, and it has been over a year since the accident.

The difference between and X-ray and a cat-scan is that an Xray takes a small area and looks at it, but a cat-scan is one's whole body.
The difference between an X-ray and an MRI is that the X-ray sees calcium, but an MRI can see ligaments and other internal organs.

All the X-rays looked fine, but for some reason the kneecap seems to ride slightly off center. Pulls, maneuvering, and muscle contortions did not hurt me, so the Doctor thought it might be something that Physical Therapy could handle. If three months of PT doesn't help me out, I will be going back for an MRI to see if anything is REALLY wrong with my knee.

I am going to the PT center nearby on Thursday.

WE shall see.

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