Saturday, October 30, 2010

Long Time No See!

Hey there, readers!

I have been busy living this month. I have been working a lot and making a routine for myself.
I am happy.

The place I am working at is allowing us to dress up for halloween. I was thinking I would go in a baggy skirt and oversize t-shirt, but there are some hippies and people who shop there who dress that way by religion, so I figured it would be insensitive.

I then decided to dress in my square-dancing outfit (not really a costume, but still) but they said I looked more like a gypsy. I loved the idea, so I am painting my fingernails a bright red, I went out and bought some big gold bangles and gold necklaces, and I already have this long black skirt with bells on the waist ties!
It will be the first time I ever dress up, so I am excited and am having heaps of fun.

One of the most interesting posts about halloween and what its significance as a holiday means.
I am doing what many people do with Halloween: Put on a monster mask, confront what you fear, celebrate it for a day and then, move on.


frogla said...

i'm glad that you are going for it & moving on!

Edith said...

Neat post. Glad you are sharing again. Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself (facebook).

Widsith said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! :)

The Cult Next Door said...

aww! Thank you for the quote! Just read your post...great stuff!
I know what it feels like to be dressing up for Halloween the first time as an adult...keep up the great posts!