Saturday, November 18, 2006

November 10 & 11- Ladies Conference

Or, Deep thoughts during the expensive sleepover

That is about all it was. An expensive sleepover with 2,500 giddy, shallow, peer-defined girls.

I actually learned a couple things!! :0

Having seen mostly 'ladys' for most of my sojourn here (well, the people my family is friends with, socialises with) (in quotation depending on how one defines the word) I was rather surprised by what I discovered was mainstream, and suddenly I realised that all these modesty/femmininity books were not "all these". In 2,500 people I counted about two score that wore skirts (though there were more on the second day), and about 30 who had hair even longer than shoulder length. I many times (in the building less that outside of it) had to look more than twice to determine the exact gender (there were a passel of guys doing the techi stuff and in the group singing).
I realised how MUCH I stuck out, and how little they probbably had of femminine influence growing up, and what 'normal' women's presuppasitions were.
It was saddening, and it made me feel better the responsibility of women to act like women and get the message out that femmininity is not next to becoming a third-world country again.

On a radio program the other day, I heard a guy say about feminists-" To try to be something, to hold something above another thing is to say that one is better than the other. For women to try to be like man, get treated like men, get the jobs of men...they are saying that being a man is better." It was just too them there is no glory in long hair. No pride in being what God created them to be- Women.

Also, since they had no pride in being what they were, they had no pride in what men were. A pair of ladies who do shows, acting, and think up 'creative' ideas were talking about the types of women. The first type left casseroles with dates of when to eat them, and what temp. to heat the oven. The second type left the pizza cupons out. The third said 'They can fend for themselves!!' Then, they talked about packages to leave for thier husbands and my stomach curdled....I whispered to my mom "Did they put a bottle in too?" Listening to them one would believe that men were spinless little imps that crawled on the floor wimpering praying that their wonderful marvelous angelic wives would come home and take care of them.

Strangely, I believe thier husbands just might be. Though, except for the groveling on the floor part...they would sit in front of the latest football game. Thier children are probbably already fending for themselves in the eat-or-everyone-else-will-eat-you school/world/peer scene.

Pity and frustration welled up in me....along with a good bit of disgust. I felt like taking the whole kit and caboodle of them to a REAL ghetto in India where people are refused education, food, and water merely for thier social class, merely because they were living. They sit on the streets and pick trash for pennies (literally) (see late GFA updates). Let these women off to face REAL life, bring thier children to gang-infested cities where it is not merely the way one looks or dresses, but how one handles one's gun, and future survival is not in jepordy of one's parents taking away $10 from thier $100 allowance, but weather the opposite gang should catch you off guard and......and make your tomorrow the paralitic ward.

I guess this is a campain against selfishness.....pure selfishness about how one looks, weather one's tan is expensively done or cheap, weather one's kitchen counter is granite and weather one's children have ipods.

*sigh*....come quickly, Lord Jesus, come quickly!!


your sister said...

anything on what the speaker taught, the verses she used, the topic of the conference?? :)

Warbler said...

Weeeelll.....It bacame an entirely too-long post.

Kay Arthur was the speaker, and I really liked her teachings. She made an interesting point on Covenants, from the reference in Genesis where God walks through the two halves of the sacrifice. She said that making a pact, or covenant was a 'walk through death', and making one was like saying "The Lord do so to me" if you break that pact.

It was very interesting, and she made the conference worth going to even if most of everything else was entirely boring.