Wednesday, November 15, 2006

November 4- Book Review

This could also be called a book rave, because that is what I'm doing. C.S. Lewis was an amazing person. Today, at the craft fair that I was a vendor at I found a book of his short stories and fragments of stories he never finished.
The book was a posthumous compilation on convicting, scary, and deep ideas. It is called The Dark Tower & Other Stories.

The Dark Tower- a ghastly story!! (my word was 'freaky' but dearest older sister said I needed a new adjective) The idea of time travel and "other worlds" continued from the Space series, with Ransome as one of the 5 main characters. The idea of other life and "seeing" the future, or past makes it intriguing.
What struck me was how he was able to incorporate humor with horror and break into mental prejudices. One line went somewhat like this: "No matter what you say man is rushing into the future at the rate of 60 minutes an hour", and Macphee's sarcasm with "I shall drop by ----(some college) and tell them that Cambridge has made the amazing discovery that a man in 1938 cannot get to 1939 in less that a year..." Then, of course, there was the dry comment about the particles in Lewis' nose that made me giggle

The Man Born Blind-this one is sad. It has a confusing ending, and describing it doesn't work. It is about a search for light, a hunger for one's eyes to behold what no one can explain. A man born blind who regains his sight....and how he thinks.

The Shoddy Lands- Grabe!! This one is an enquirey into the mind, and how one thinks, (or how a girl thinks), about the world, and oneself. How perception, and one's imagination look to another.
"....or if I were the one investigated!!"
The other stories were confusing, and (should I warn tender readers) rather not what is pure, lovely and of good repute- not to say that the above were very much that.
C. S. Lewis was an amazing person...I whish I had had the honor of knowing him.

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