Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Photogrophy Class

I wanted to answer Sally's comment on my last post for a few days, but I wasn't quite sure how to get an answer small enough to be a comment. I decided that I couldn't and took pictures to elaborate.

Consider this a free course in professional photography ;)

The thing that makes good photographs is often not what fills the frame.....but what you leave out!!

Sally, we live in a 'normal' area...and I got rid of a lot of defects when I positioned my camera

For instance:
This is the church across the street. It's parking lot is prime space to ride motorcycles in.

Pretty picture? Not exactly!!

How about this?

And this?

What makes a good picture? What you leave out!

Another example?

See our lovely Daffodils? neither!!

How about the zoom button!!

I consider it the best invention since the art of Photography!!!!!


Sally said...

very cool! ooh, an entire entry dedicated to me :D I'm touched. Yeah, I'm a fan of the zoom myself. But really, I do think that those pictures in the last one were nice--like the one of the huge green field thing--that's pretty! I've seen some other ones you've taken and they look nice too...

A. Walters said...

Actually, Jenni...people have different tastes I guess, cause my just about favorite out of the bunch of these is the top one that you don't seem to care for. :) I also like the last flower one. It's a very nice shot.

Warbler said... depends a lot on what you want to see.

I could have gotten pics. of a nice looking catholic church in the sunset...but I was pointing out clouds.

The example is much better with the daffodils, I guess.