Thursday, March 29, 2007


Master painter of the sky-
The beauty that astounds my eye,
Amazing! Glory!

Architect of the water-weeds
The wonder brings me to my knees
Hallelujah! Amen!

Musician of the flowing Brook
Too know- I only need look
Astounding! Wondrous!

Sculptor of the hills and plains
Matchless is Your broad domain-
Almighty! Awesome!

Orchestrator of the galaxies
Owner of rain’s treasuries-
Magnificent! Great!

I was out on a bike-ride, and I looked up and saw these amazing cloud formations.

I snatched three pictures and noticed that they looked like brushstrokes. The words came to me suddenly 'Master painter of the sky..." the rest of the way home I got the second verse, and finished the third that night. Amazingly.....about 1 hour after I got back showered enough for me to get that rain picture....just what I had wanted when I thought out those lines! I did the last verse Tuesday....and then edited.

What do y'all think?


C'est moi! said...

I like it!! Nicely put to words and good pictures! I really like the rain one.

Tabitha said...

Excellent! I think it's well done. The rhyming is good and the pictures make it so much more alive.
I'm also glad to see you're keeping up with your resolution to bike! Way to go!

Warbler said...

Tabby...shhh!! Also...your profile doesn't seem to work! >(

Yeah, the rain did seem providential!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, that is SO good! I loved it, and the pictures were great too! are they all from that bike ride? you live in a beautiful area.


Anonymous said...

Maayo kaayo! Bilib ko! -tay