Saturday, March 17, 2007

What are we doing?

Gay Indoctrination is nothing I think we should be surprised about. Isn't it our socialist government's job to make sure everyone has the same lifestyle and dies quickly enough to not make wills and thus leave all their money to the feds?

Being 'Politically Correct' is the subject of the year. 'Me must not make people uncomfortable, or judge them in any way'......goodness! Why not just let them tell us what to do, how to live and what to believe as well!!

The awful part is that people are surprised...these parents should have done their research and taken responsibility for what their children are being taught. It is NOT the government's job!!

The next part, is that only some people will raise their eyes. "Church attendees" (See Rev. 4; The Lukewarm Ekklasia) will think 'Oh, how terrible!' and go on with'normal' life. Satan has won already!! 'Normal people' have gooten SO desesitized that they know none of this will ever touch thier strong christian children, and that faith is in someway a shot, like the ones you get at birth. You get injected with faith and you won't catch anything detrimental to your spiritual well-being.

There is a war going on out there. So many of us are content to cower in the basement and pray for all the people dying- acting totally oblivious to the fact that our house is on fire above us and our foundations are made out of staw! The next generation is not attuned even to the minute vestiges of organised religion that so many profess and claim and as a result we will perhaps not even HAVE the minute vestiges in the future!

How long will we let this go on? What are we doing to CHANGE the world? How are 'teaching (people) all things that pertain to life and godliness' (since they claim to already be saved)?

Do people know what you are? Are people daily impacted by your chirstian bearing, reactions, testimony, and attitude? What about me? Where is my focus? What am I putting my affections on? Have I done anything, gotten out there, given my testimony...have I made people question thier lifestyles according to God's word?


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