Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Dream

Every woman dreams
Of a future life
Of being loved, and cherished,
A happy mother, and wife.

With little mouths to feed,
Innocent minds to teach,
Their hearts so full of love
Imagine what heights they’ll reach.

A little one to gurgle with
Baby arms to hug,
Chubby cheeks to pinch,
Tuck them in safe and snug.

A man who cares for her
Through thick and through thin
Strong arms to protect her,
Her battles to fight and win

A haven to fly to
When troubles abound,
A smile to warm her
'Prince Charming' she's found!

A voice deep and mellow
Sharing laughter and tears-
What girl has not desired
This dream, it’s hopes and fears.


kalipay said...

*sniff* awwww. but what prompted these sweet musings, sister?

i like "her battles to fight and win". :) hmmm, what if Prince Charming isn't a bass with voice deep and mellow? ;)

Warbler said...

Question 1: Maryland

Question 2: Well....I guess he'll have to fake one! :P

RM said...

you wrote that? it's really sweet!

Warbler said...

Feb. 17 or so....yeah, that was me.

Tabitha edited and revised! (she needs some acredditation for all this too!)