Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Does the creation glorify God?

The idea has certainly been exploited by poets, but is it scriptural? I was talking with a man who said that to glorify God, one must have a will, and be able to NOT glorify God. In other words....only man can glorify and praise God completely.

I want to not the lesser things He created, inanimate and dumb as they may be, know that He created them and give Him praise and glory for that?


Wingman said...

I would say that when "the heavens declare the glory of God" that is pretty clear glorification. :p

Warbler said...

But is that in the 'voluntary prise' category, or in the 'nature portraying' category of Rom. 1:18+ ?

How about 'the stones will cry out'?

Widsith said...

Great question, Warbler! The same thought crossed my mind a couple days ago actually, so it's neat to hear someone else express it too. :)