Monday, May 21, 2007

Third Piercing

About noon today, my subconscious decided that I needed a third piercing. The force applied by my right hand doubled, and the knife which it held proceed to attack my left.

After a second of shock...I found that the 1/2 inch gash wouldn't bleed (even after I squeezed it) I band-aided it up, and hope it will heal. My mom says that a stitch or two would help it not become a very bad scar....but only time will tell.

Too bad the knife was too dull to cut through...imagine how well it would look decorated with a belly ring, or something!!


Wingman said...

why would a stitch help it to not scar if it wasnt even deep enough to bleed?

Warbler said...

It WOULDN'T bleed....I had to probe and push for a small pool to come...but then it stopped.

I don't kow why it wouldn't bleed. It scared me at first.

It was also sorta the end. The knife went in with the balde there was a bigger cut IN the hand, and a rather small 'entrance wound'.

And my mom said it would need stitches. I thought it would be fine. (Then..what do I know about such things!)