Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Farm Show 2

I am sorry for not being more complete. I had a specific amount of time in which to post which ran away rather quickly.

Here is the video OS (Oldest Sis) took of the second competition dance. She got most of it...except for about 3 seconds in the beginning.
She was unaware of the necessity of keeping the camera vertical, and felt sure of a better shot holding it lengthwise. So, I am putting a disclaimer. I will not be held responsible for any neck strains, aches, pains, nor will I compensate any monetary amount in fixing said injuries. Enjoy at own discretion.
Note: the camera focuses in on my younger brother's square for a couple seconds. They are the ones in red and black.
Note 2: yes, there is a mess up. Apparently the judges missed it. (providence, perhaps)

Oh....and this was the outcome of the night:



Warbler said...

The mess-up is at 2:24. I was not sure of the exact moment, so I watched it to find out! Lol

kalipay said...

*ahem* :red face: um... yeah.

so i wasn't thinking about the fact that i was taking a VIDEO, and that it couldn't be turned... yeah.

the voice talking in the beginning is Daniel, and i was shushing him, so he started talking louder instead.

i got so crosseyed staring at the little screen all night, lol!

Anonymous said...

Vertical Square Dancing! Might start a new fad???!! -tatay

Daniel said...

Wow! Thanks for posting. I wish I could have been there.

Daniel said...

Annnnnddd Congratulations on the blue ribbons. :)