Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Farm Show!!!!

Yesterday was the 92nd Annual Farm Show Square Dance.

We had practiced the day before and in a sweltering room above the pine tree exhibits...and I must say that we did marvelously!! (Pictures, etc. by oldest sister) We are promenading to our square.

This is a short clip of our first warm-up dance

This is my square waiting for the Division C dance.

Happy Farm Show Week Everyone!!!


Wingman said...

you say nothing about prices or placements or anything... is it not over yet?

Wingman said...

sorry, that would be *prizes*. I was referring to the outcome of the competition

Diyarniger said...

Hey, congratulations! I know you did excellently!
At the dance on Saturday night Peter and I learned to dance "Cotton-Eye Joe". :)

C'est moi! said...

Looks like fun!!

Warbler said...

Wings: See new post

Tabby: Cotton-eyed Joe is alltogether too much exercise at one time. Do slow down, please!

Moi: It was SO much fun. When we finished the last competition dance, everyone was glowing. We knew we HAD to win!