Monday, July 21, 2008

Why I am not voting for McCain:

I have debated and discussed this question with "real" people and online people. I have yet to write out my manifesto, so here it is.
I have certain qualifications for a person that I would choose to place into office. I have heard the "lesser of two evils" argument, but I find it greatly lacking.
A: No matter whether you choose the "greater" or "lesser" you are voting for EVIL, which I find unacceptable.
B: You are sacrificing your civic responsibility for the short end of the stick. I also apply these factors to the "a vote for ‘insert name’ is a vote for ‘insert villain’". If I was voting in a popularity contest, I would vote for a "winner". If I was voting in a "most likely to succeed" contest, same thing. In the choice for the future leader of our entire is NOT only about "most likely to win" or "most likely to need my vote". It is about "most likely to rule best".
While on that note: I have participated for a month now in the ballot-access, and I have gotten to know many different political worldviews. I have heard democrats refuse to sign my petition because Obama would lose. I have heard frank democrats (pro-Hillary) say that they will never vote for him in a trillion years. I have heard other say that Obama has absolutely NO chance of winning.
On the other hand—I have heard strong, conservative believers refuse to vote their consciences because they are afraid of an Obama victory. I have heard republicans wring their hands because my insurrectionist political ideologies will bring about a Democrat victory. Frankly, in a survey of my little section of PA, NO ONE knows who will win, and almost every finger is pointed a different way.
The most interesting thing, however, is that NO fingers are pointed in our direction. EVERYONE wishes me luck, and then (in the same breath) insures me that a third party hasn’t any chance in a billion of winning.
I would like to know WHY, if everything is SO up-in-the-air...why is a split in both major parties so blocked out as an impossibility? If each party is so convinced the other will win...why couldn’t the third largest political party fill in the gaps?

The qualifications of any person running are shown in their religious, historical, and economic views. For a previously elected individual, their qualifications show most glaring in their past voting records. My list, is rather taxing, but (I am certain) essential.
1: Morality which is based on something other than man’s judgement and public opinion. The "image of God in man" (which is the Biblical reason for the death penalty) is the reason the we decry murder. It is the basis for the pro-life movement, because all "life" is to be protected, but "the image of God" is to be defended with severe restrictions (ie, the death penalty for any murderer –Gen. 9:6 )
2: Respect for OT Law, which was the basis for our entire legal system.
3: A firm conviction in limited Government, according to the dictates of the Constitution, which proclaims itself to be the Supreme Law of our land. Any wavering is questionable, and should be decried.
4: Gun Control according to the second amendment. A "well regulated militia" is REQUIRED for every State in the Constitution. A militia is a group of well trained citizens equipped with personal defense tools (guns, knives, etc....weapons in general) ready to deploy whenever their State is in need, and wherever they are needed. Any restriction on this is un-Constitutional!
John McCain has shown himself wishy-washy, contrary to, and downright dangerous when placed against these standards.
Let me back myself up:
1: Pro-life/Morality: McCain has never been pro-life. He does not support a repeal of Roe v. Wade (which was essentially a court-made law...which is un-Constitutional) , and he will definitely continue the legacy of our current President, who supports abortion continually with taxpayer money. , and
He will probably continue the expansion of sodomites in the Federal Government, that was drastically expanded by President Bush.
2: OT Law: He is in no way going to support our basis on the Old Testament. In fact, I doubt he will even honor the current justice system, skewed as it is! Here is some AWEFUL news about our current submission of our National Sovereignty for the arbitration of the World Court.
For instance, at BEST, he can only be a repeat of our current ruler. See above about the homosexuals in government positions. He cannot even remain faithful to his wife....well, either of his wives!
3: Limited Government: This is SUCH a joke! I wonder why I’m even bothering to elaborate. However- how about his immigration policy? Illegal immigrants are given free everything (courtesy of our willing taxpayer) and taxes are raised to help pay for the extra drain on our budget. I highly doubt McCain will repeal the un-constitutional entities of Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, the IRS, the CIA, or, the Patriot Act (which he voted for). How about the infamous "McCain-Feingold Act"? It not only limits free speech during an election year, but it regulates what signs one can place on one’s own private property. THAT is clearly unConstitutional!
4: Gun Control: He has proposed legislation that would make SELF-DEFENSE with a gun result in 5 years in prison. Gun possession is a crime, in his book. If we are not "permitted" to defend ourselves from criminals (who do not obey the law...which is why they are criminals in the first place) who IS going to defend us? The fact is, the Bill of Rights is an enemy to Mr. McCain, and as a freedom loving, concerned citizen, I refuse to even consider voting for him.

Because I see the two "major" parties as SO similar in their consensus of candidates, I refuse to sacrifice my right, privilege, and duty as a citizen, my vote on the altar of "might or might not"; to the drama of "conservative or not conservative", or the "green dust" of "what-you-want-is-only-a-dream, THIS-is-the-REAL-world". Aslan is REAL, and our freedom is steadily slipping away. I am going against the flow!

I could go on for a lot longer, but I will give you a rest for now. And questions or comments are welcome. I’d be glad to discuss anything and everything.

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Well stated, anak!