Monday, July 07, 2008


Being from a culture steeped in pseudo-spanish methods and practices and traditions, I didn't give "Sweet 16" any second thoughts. However, for the same reason, I always thought I would care so much more about this day! Today is my debut! I am 18!!! I should be inviting all my friends, family and neighbors to a party!! The girls with rich dads would do their debut in a Jose Ortega gown of such-and-such material and sequins and in so-and-so's reception hall.
Yet, somehow.....I don't care. I've felt like I should be 18 already for about two years!

Yet, those of you who have read my previous rants know how enthused I am about finally being a person!!!! I now count in American society. My signature now holds weight, my political opinions now matter! I can finally have some sway in the world, because somehow, one day made all the difference. My qualifications will now stand on their own merit, my rights as a citizen now come into play, and my status as an adult is secured. Except for drinking.....I have unfettered licence in this world to do anything...... and everything!

Why? Simply for the reason that I have breathed air for 18 summers.

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Wingman said...

debut is a funny word. not because it rolls off the tongue so clumsily, but because of its origin. it just does not translate fluently from the French to the English usage, so the English word is left awkwardly trying to forge its own way in the world. I think it fails. but its awkwardness does give rise the the funniness, and in this it succeeds.