Monday, September 08, 2008


Think post is not about winter in the literal sense. It is about a new, godless documentary which not only trumpets the Biblical roles for men and women as the best and most economically viable...but the ONLY way for humankind to survive on the planet.

Do you know that children are present in only 32% of American homes?

The Demographic Winter is made from an entirely scientific and statistical vewipoint. It does not take in the effects of socialist and communist government controls on economy, and it assumes that the elderly must be supported by the state, and therefore by the people who pay taxes to the state.

A reveiw from the New American states:

Demographic Winter tackles five main reasons for the drop in fertility: the sexual revolution, prosperity, the divorce revolution, inaccurate assumptions, and women working. Its social science data bears out tradition, embodying what G.K. Chesterton called “that forgotten branch of psychology” — common sense.
Demographic Winter mentions the pill, which has reduced unwanted pregnancies among married women by 70 percent; promiscuity, which affords men sexual gratification without commitment; reluctance to have children when there is the possibility one’s spouse won’t be around in a few years; and career-driven women having few children; along with other factors. Demographic Winter also touches on materialism and immaturity, which make people reluctant to assume the responsibilities of parenthood.

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Adam said...

I may have to get this documentary, the trailer looks extremely interesting.

This has been a topic of great concern in many forums where I've spent some time, and few people have really offered any practical ways to implement a solution, in a secular way. Economic incentive, at least according to the Q&A on their site, hasn't worked to any great degree. (As was tried in Russia last year)

The first commandment with promise was one of a continued bloodline and presence on this earth: honor thy father and mother, so that thy days may be long. Western Europe and America (at least) have abandoned this charge, and we're now faced with disaster.