Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Last night after watching speeches and hearing empty, pretty words, I told my sister"Now we get to read every one's blogs don't we?"

In the general, ignorant sorrow over McCain's loss and the general, ignorant glee over Obama's victory, people are saying very insightful things.
One McCain supporter said that we should not sit idly by and let out founding values be trashed. Many are posting Bible verses and praying.

I am glad that Obama got into office, if for no other reason than this. Christians realized not only that their apathy and ignorance has given them what they seem to most despise, but that instead of sitting back comfortable in the delusion that a conservative Republican was watching their backs, they will be armed, vigilant and diligent for the Constitution, individual liberty, personal responsibility and freedom.

I wrote in a name, because the current one-not-two party system has blocked out any competition. I am not ashamed. In fact, despite the republican well-spread lie, there was effect on the election by the best intentioned people who voted for other than the two evils offered us.
More on that in the next post.

I am undaunted by the newest challenge to American ideals. At least the rest of America is suddenly realizing the danger of an unfettered, gigantic, and monster-sized executive office.

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Adam said...

The irony is that many of the individuals that I've read who are bemoaning Obama's win, aren't doing so out of a respect for the Constitution, or founding principles, etc, because they would have been happy with McCain's win.