Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Vote for a Third Party is a Vote for---



People say that a vote for a third party is a vote for whomever they don't desire on the other side of the Republican vs. Democrat race, depending on whose side they are on.
Of course, the Republicans say it is a vote for the Democrats, and the Democrats say it gives the Republicans the edge.

People have accused me of trying to get McCain to lose and of underground sedition against Obama. An Obama supporter told me that any vote for anyone besides a democrat was just about a crime in her book, and giving me her signature for Ballot access was too close to risk.
One young man angrily informed me that a vote for a 3rd Party was a vote for Obama.
Then, unwilling to know anything else, he stormed away from me.

But, on November 4th....what was the real story?

The only states where the margin was close enough between the fat cats, AND the underdogs had enough votes to have swung one way or another were

Montana: There were around 14,000 major-third-party votes. (please note that Paul and Peroutka is some government mix-up, as Peroutka was not running for anything, and Paul had no VP, and was not running under the Constitution Party. Also note: McCain won the state, therefore all these 14,00 souls were not voting for Obama by default)

Indiana: It seems that the only 3rd Party there was Barr, who got upwards of 29,000 votes. Obama won Indiana. IF...and I say IF...every single one of those freedom-loving individuals voted for McCain, he would have been able to win. Even so, he would not have had enough electoral votes to win the it would have been a waste...pun intended)

North Carolina: Also won by Obama. However, there were approx. 14, 000 write-ins, and Barr got a significant number.

and Missouri: (which is still being debated, it is listed as "not yet settled") McCain is winning by a margin of 10,000. If all the Nader people (who BTW see Obama as a right-wing radical) voted for Obama, it would go down to "every single vote counts" mentality. Even so, Obama would still get the Presidency. It is the Electoral College, not the mass of sheep that decides.

The Electoral College.....our last remaining scrap of Republicanism. (and I'm not referring to the party which defames that title)


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Jesse said...

I'm sorry, but this is ludicrous. Earlier you were arguing that it was not, in fact, a waste of a vote to go 3rd party, and now you're justifying it in retrospect by saying "our votes didn't make a difference."

Warbler said...

No, I am not saying that third party votes don't make any difference.

I was completely debunking the notion that voting other than the two-but-really-one party line was a vote for the opposing side.

In a sense, voting for anyone who isn't likely to win is a waste of a vote because elections have become a "wost-likely-to-win" contest.

However, where 3rd party votes were large enough to sway states, they did not overwhelmingly ruin one party's chance of winning.