Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I have not been writing, dear readers, in case you hadn't noticed (in which case, it is probable that you are not actually frequenters...only occasional-passers-by). I have not been able to summon up epigrams which shall amuse you, or platitudes which confuse. Politics has been another round of partisan-this versus partisan-that which are a complete waste of time, energy and effort, since the best actors are not in Hollywood, but in D.C.
I have not found things very inspiring with which to challenge you faith and strengthen your trust in Him.

What are my excuses?

Well, first, I have been going at least 3 times a week to York to be part of a drama, which I was lucky enough to be included in. If any of you have time and money to waste, and REALLY want to hear me speak 13 lines, shout from offstage, and sing a little, I can oblige you.

Then, there is my overall lowness of mood, grouchy-ness, and ill-humor because of the dreary, grey, dull, dark and all together miserable seasonal conditions we have been enduring. Not only has it stopped my fount of inspiration, but contributed to a very fussy depression and there is, of course that certain activity which has ended and shall not be resumed until October. (PSD Depression, as a friend classified it)

Therefore, I have made a search of previous entries and things I have compiled on paper, and quotes I have catalogued.

So, it is up to those of you who actually READ my blog.
Do you want poems?
Do you want quotes?
Silly or serious?

I await your verdict.


Anonymous said...

Faint not, dear heart.
This, too, shall pass.
If you can hold on for about 28 more days, you will get to see the most encouraging signal of God's faithfulness - the perking up from the snowy ground of a yellow or purple crocus. Within days of that, you will notice irregularities on some trees, indicating that spring and summer WILL come.

So, don't let February defeat you. Get into your 13 lines with all your passion, and learn other's lines, too, in case one of them has a problem on opening night. It will help February to go by more quickly.

If postings on this blog are an avenue to avoid grey clouds and gray sticks that used to be trees, then by all means, they need to be poems that are funny.

Anonymous said...

I like the daily diary with the funny side exposure.