Saturday, April 18, 2009

Photo Shoot

Monday (the 13th) was my younger brother's Volleyball tournament. I took my camera and persuaded a dear soul to sit for a photo shoot.
I must say we had great fun, and I definitely want to do this more. Besides, the better I get the more I can charge (which right now is nothing).

First, we sat around flowers, and I told her to smile or pose. She didn't trust me very much, and was unsure of exactly how all this would look/turn out, etc.
Then.....a wonderful thing began to happen as she got comfortable with me and the camera. She got ideas (and all photographers should listen to ideas) and began playing around.Playing around = having fun

Having fun = real smile
Real smile = AMAZING picturesAmazing pictures = "win!" (as she would say <3)


Anonymous said...

wait, you labeled this as square dancing? this post has nothing to do with square dancing besides the fact that i square dance, but that's not even the point of this post.

how random... on your part. ;) heh heh.


Warbler said...

you are squaredancing!!! When it is about YOU, it is SD!!! <3