Monday, April 06, 2009

Update on the knee

So, people have been praying, and time has passed, and I have worked on exercising it...however, at this date I have still NOT had x-rays or had any sort of diagnosis.

I wanted to see exactly HOW much it had gotten better with my own methods, so I went Square Dancing on Thursday and waited for it to ache. Being that (as usual) there were more boys than girls, and I have the ability (although not at a very high level of expertise) to dance in the boy's part, I danced boy all night. Men's position don't move very much. There is some turning, some backwards-and-forwards, mostly arm work.
Surprisingly, my leg didn't bother me until the last dance, although it let me know it was worked a bit too hard that night and the next day. I was pleased that it had improved that much, and I definitely plan on seeing what it can handle in the future.

Still have trouble:
Kneeling, etc, getting up from the floor
Bending sometimes hurts, not as much, I can handle most smaller angles.
Twisting leg from the knee/pivoting
Kicking yourself in the back (yes, I tired it...BAD idea)
Running (when I'm not on medication. Older sis medicated me one day, and I didn't realize until later why I felt so wonderful, and why I was able to do so much...I was bouncing, was NOT as nice living for two days after, though!)
Getting up and down from chairs....I have hurt myself badly twice now...

Walking isn't strenuous, and I have overcome my fear of steps, and I am feeling more confident about being healed much sooner than the 13 year estimate I first found.
Although, I believe that whatever my injury was, it could not have been a complete ACL tear or strain, because I was never incapacitated or in such serious straits as the people I read online.

However, watching movies intimidates me. Almost every move the people onscreen make I can see them falling over as their ACL pops or see them collapse in the middle of running after bad guys because they pivoted the wrong way. It is a very interesting ailment, and it also has the negative effect of giving me a very good excuse not to exercise. No fast walking, no running, NO jogging....nothing that I need to use my left knee for.....
Not as good, eh?

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