Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Complete Opposite

I would really like to know why young (particularly unmarried) females always get told that their worst nightmare will surely happen to them?

I am sure you know what I mean.

I have often noted (out loud) things that I dislike and/or abhor in people or things.

Without fail (try it sometime!!!) some person in my family or surrounding will point out to me (in the most serious tone of voice) how I should not say/think such things.


Because (so they say) "Just watch! You are going to marry someone who is a _______ or who does ______ (that thing which you abhor or dislike)
Yes, dear friends: I am most definitely doomed to marry a math-loving, semi-truck-driving, chemistry-and-physics whiz husband.

I am sorry, but I have forgotten the other sure traits that I have been bound to.

Anyone with the said qualifications, please feel free to call me!

Seriously, now! Why is it that when a person dislikes or does not appreciate certain things, she is told that she must marry/be eternally bound to that exact thing? Would it not make more sense for her to choose someone who would not annoy/scare her? (yes, semi-trucks are scary!!! VERY scary!!!!)

While I do have a list of "Things-I-Want-In-A-Future-Husband", they do NOT include math, semi-trucks, or the deeper realms of physics, chemistry, or complicated formulas and x-y-m equations. If you would like to marry me and have an overwhelming love for those areas.....well.....I can't promise anything, but I would like to warn you in the beginning you have a handicap to overcome!


Wingman said...

The thrust of your post rings true, but I think you are a little unfair to the math and science lovers. If a fellow likes math, how is that going to ruin your life? If neither you nor he are good with math or science, you will have trouble helping your kids with those subjects.

oh, and what about x-y-m-b formulas?

Warbler said...

"x-y-m-b formulas" drive me up the wall!!!!

I did not say it would ruin my life, and I did agree to consider such people...consider.

I am just noting that if his life is wrapped around math/science/etc I would have exceedingly great difficulty in following him and/or working beside him in those dreams/talents/visions/goals.

I am not opposed to marrying anyone with the ability to do complex and mind-numbing long as I can be free from having to do the same.

Oh, and as for teaching future children--that is what correction keys are for!! I am capable of doing simple (read: necessary) math, like addition and multiplication and division. I use fractions all the time in baking. However, when math launches onto realms of probability and unknowns and all the things that are not common to everyday life....

Wingman said...

I guess I disagree with what I see as your basic premise, which is that in order to be a help-meet, you need to have some level of interest and skill in what your husband does. I do not see this as true. I, for example, intend to spend a significant part of my life involved vocationally with airplanes. My wife need not have any skill or interest in that area. The same would be true if I were to be a carpenter, gunsmith, accountant, or Chemist. What my wife does need to have is interest and compatibility in other areas of life such as beliefs (where she can be a help-meet in discipleship, both in and outside the family), and homeschooling, as well as many others. But she doesnt need to be a mechanic or pilot, or even necessarily know how to operate a radio or change the oil.

Warbler said...

But if she hated airplanes/thought they were unsafe/never wanted to fly...that would definitely put a damper on your relationship in that area.

Not necessarily skill, but interest, yes. Some level of interest is most definitely necessary for oneness of purpose and goals.
Not ALL hobbies of each one need to overlap, but at least to some degree.

Could you be very good aquaintences, even, with a male who did not care for flying or airplanes in the least?