Thursday, September 17, 2009


So, I left PA around two in the afternoon. The train to Pittsburg was FREEZING COLD. I worked on a project and tried to avoid the urge to pull out a heavy sweater from my bag (and thus rearrange the entire thing.....).

I then spent 4 hours in a Pitts. train station (It was supposed to be 3, but the train was an hour late... hoorah) trying to stay awake. I read some, listened to Philippians in Cebuano, and ate a lot of my snacks.

Around 1 am I finally got settled in the train and tried to sleep. Once again, it was cold. It was much warmer than the first train, but it was NOT warm enough to sleep. I finally went down (yes, it was a nice double-decker train!!) to the bottom of the train and pulled out my blanket. It took a while to get warm enough, but I finally found a comfortable position, and fell asleep.
I woke up around 8 am (7 am then.... I love crossing time zones!), and saw the flat, very brown plains of Indiana crawling by. Quite literally, we were not going much faster than 60 mph....

Around 10...errr I mean....9 we arrived in Chicago. I then realized that I had completely forgotten the name of the road I needed to walk down to reach the Metra Station. I tried calling for help, but somehow my need got misinterpreted, and the noise made it more than hard to understand everything. I finally found a map and headed out into the street. However, the road around Sears (now Willis) Tower was closed, so I headed out and around it....ho-rah again....

I rested for a time when I got half-way, and then pushed. My knee did hurt. My hand hurt more, though from pulling my big huge bag! I got to the station, and my friend picked me up and I am now spending two days with her! I think that I would hate college...and probably dorm life in its entirety. I don't really mind it right now, but I think living for some time like this would drive me insane. lol Random observation of the day.

On the bright side (watch for the pun) I got to sit for about an hour out in the bright sunshine....which was wonderful. Being warm all over....after freezing on trains and having a 20 degree drop in temperature from the summer highs.
Oh, and thanks to the random college guy who walked by who was talking to his friend. He says that it will not get above 80 degrees anymore this year.... Can I die already?)

Tomorrow I head north to catch a dear family for about 24 hours before I head to Hinsdale for Journey to the heart. Later this afternoon---Photoshoot!!!!

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