Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I didn't stay up all night.

I didn't have sugba.....or go out to the beach to see the sun rise.

No actions, and no singing all night with best of friends.


I did stay up most of the night.

I watched two movies, and cried my heart out to a 14 year old

I was with some friends.


May 2007 be full of opportunities to glorify God

And may He come quickly!!!


kalipay said...

*sweet looy look and a hug*

yah, i thought of sugba, too, and the sunrise. i really really was sorely tempted to stay up for it, but that would have made the third all nighter in a month...!

it was more memorable than our past two New Year's at least, diba? love ya!

Anonymous said...

It wasn't like the 'veillees' in Niger either - but it was special. Thank you for helping make it so. You are a terrific friend!