Monday, January 29, 2007


This is the wide range of temperments I live with every day-

Mommy: "Andrea, can you tear these pieces of bread in cubes?"

Andrea: "How big?"

Mommy: "Ummm.....about 1 inch by 1 inch."

5 Minutes later

Mommy: "Andrea, where-.....what are you doing?"

Andrea has about 5 pieces of bread nicely stacked, and she is calmly measuring the half piece of bread with a ruler.

2 minutes later

Saralyn:"Mommy, can I help!?"

Mommy: "Sure, tear the bread into cubes".


Andrea: "Make them one inch by one inch"

Saralyn: "Whatever...."


Wingman said...

ah, they are great :D tell them Jon says hi :D

kalipay said...

oh i totally cracked up laughing when i first read that. Jenni's a little perturbed at having another perfectionist in the family... she ought to just join the ranks. :DDD

Warbler said...

Me: "Girls, Jon say 'Hi' to you."

Saralyn: "Hi, Jon!!"

Andrea: "Why is Jon saying 'Hi' to us?"
"What did you tell him?"
"Can I see the email?......."

kalipay said...

:D that's my girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, beautiful, beautiful, lovely, such a great description, and such great portraits for both types!
More power to perfectionists!
(I say hi too!)

Rachel said...

wow, that is hilarious!

Jo said...

I'm with Andrea.