Friday, October 05, 2007

Day in Philly:

This week, I had the opportunity to go back to NJ to see old friends and aquaintances.

Thursday I was in Philly for a fun-filled time with newly-met friends.

I got to go to a concert,

And was even 'allowed' to tour the Liberty Bell building!!!

It was very sad to be a citizen of this country, to live here in peace and (supposedly) in freedom, but to have to undergo humiliating and invasive 'security' checks before seeing my own national monuments.

I feel violated because people are authorised to paw through my bags and search me for 'dangerous devices' because I am not allowed to protest. This is why the second ammendment was enacted....does anyone CARE anymore?


Wingman said...

I dont.

gm said...

I do. And you should!

Susanna said...

I second your purse opinion! But then, you already knew that. The only thing more rude and intrusive they could do is weigh us!!!

Sara N. Smith said...

Thanks for the comment!! Philly was a great trip, wasn't it? Lots of fun!!!
Have a blessed evening!

Warbler said...

You don't what Jon? Care? Well, you don't carry purses around much do you! lol

Su- I do think that would be intrusive...but they already did..when you were a baby!

Sara- it was great meeting you!

Diyarniger said...

I would most certainly care if they didn't have the authority to paw through your bags... :)